Six types of content that will increase traffic and engagement

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Content promotion is a method of producing high-quality leads inexpensively. Network users will find you easily if you create informative and useful content. In order to succeed, most websites require six core types of content: entertaining content, educational content, inspiring content, lead magnets, infographics, and lists.

Entertaining Content

Almost every business has content (pictures, funny stories) that is able to entertain users. This content can be memes, fun facts, puzzles, original pictures, etc. Entertaining content brings people positive emotions and amuses them, thereby transforming you from the category “company that distributes advertising” to the category “they are the same as me”.
Such content is not directly related to your products, but it is necessary to appeal to your target audience and create a relationship of trust. However, do not overuse it as it can turn your business into a circus.


Educational Content

Educational content is very useful and people are more likely to visit your site (or page on social networks) and repost the content because it has the largest benefit users. This kind of content works well in online shops. Educational content can include a variety of video instructions on how to use the product, a video showing the major problems of clients, or useful books and training (for example, how to care for footwear, recipes for cooking, how to connect a washing machine, etc.). How often have we read great instructions and articles with useful tips but we do not even want to read them because the creators stray far from the topic? The ideal article length with useful information contains around 1500 words.


Tips for creating educational content:

  • Solve a problem or satisfy the needs of your audience (the information must be laid out in the form of practical advice that will help your readers).
  • Do not use long blocks of text. Split them into separate blocks.

Inspiring Content

Is inspiration contagious? Yes, if done correctly. If your content resonates with many users they will be happy to share it with others.
It’s not just pictures with quotes that are used for inspiration. In fact, the best type of content for inspiriation are case studies, customer testimonials and stories of failure that successful people faced on their way to the top. In addition, you can write the story of your life and readers will get an impression that you lived through hardships and difficulties; they will see another side of you.


Lead Magnets

Content that was created with the purpose of conversion usually pushes the reader to take some action. For example, subscribing to newsletters, taking part in online training or making a purchase.



It has been proven that most people are visual learners so they perceive images better than textual information. Studies have shown that after three days, a person retains 10-20 percent of written and oral information, and 65 percent of visual information.
Readers not only enjoy looking at infographics, but they also remember the information contained therein. This makes it particularly effective content for your blog or newsletter. It is beautiful, well absorbed, and can be very fun.
Infographics are especially effective to convert research results; statistics are often hard to read and retain.

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