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Introducing Free CRM Software by SendPulse

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Introducing Free CRM Software by SendPulse

We’re pleased to share our latest product with you — free CRM software to manage your deals with SendPulse. Our CRM is designed for users with limited or no CRM experience who are ready to make the jump from a spreadsheet to dedicated centralized software.

Now you can collect and nurture leads with the help of chatbots, emails, and landing pages, accept payments, and manage sales from the first touchpoint to closing a deal — on a single platform. So, let’s take a look at a breakdown of our free CRM’s features.

View your sales pipeline

Our free CRM allows you to organize and keep track of your sales workflow using a Kanban board. The Kanban view shows all your deals as cards arranged in different columns according to their stage in the sales pipeline.

free crm kanban view
The Kanban view shows you all of your deals according to their stages in the sales pipeline

You can create specific stages tailored to your business, for example:

  1. Prospect identified.
  2. Initial contact made.
  3. Solution defined.
  4. Contract signed.
  5. Deal closed.

To move a deal through your pipeline stages, simply drag it from one column and drop it into another. You can also switch your stages around or transfer them in the same way — dragging and dropping them in the desired location.

Using the Kanban view, drag and drop your deals or stages

If you find it more comfortable to view deals as lists, you can change the display mode of your deals:

free crm lists
In this view, deals are displayed as lists

Manage your deals and contacts manually or automatically

You can create a deal manually or automatically.

When creating a deal manually, you have two options:

  1. Create a regular deal card by clicking Add Deal and filling in all the fields with additional information about the deal.
  2. Add a quick deal directly at the desired stage of the Kanban board and then fill in the fields. This is a convenient way to create a deal while a sales rep is communicating with a prospect.

If a contact is already on your contact list, their information will automatically be pulled up when you search for their name. You can select them for this deal while creating both a regular or quick deal.

When you create a deal, the system automatically suggests data to add

Our free CRM lets you automatically create deals whenever a specific event or action occurs in chatbot flows or automated email flows created with SendPulse. Now, there is a special element you can add to your chatbot and email flows to transfer data to your CRM.

For example, imagine that a customer interacts with your chatbot and clicks on the “Buy” button. This action results in a new deal — with that prospect’s contact details — being automatically created in your CRM system. This allows you to seamlessly keep track of leads by making a quick change to your existing marketing flows.

A deal card stores all the information about a deal: when it was created, how it was created (manually or automatically), who is responsible for it, its movements through the pipeline stages, and the customer’s contact information. You can also edit the deal and add any useful notes to it.

free crm deal card
With a deal card, you get a full view of the deal and clients linked to it

You can edit your deal card as necessary and add or delete fields in it. This will allow you to find deals faster by filtering them by contact details, assigned team members, the source of the deal, and any other information. For example, you can pull up all the deals with a $10,000 value closed in March 2020 managed by a certain person on your team.

crm filter
Pull up information about specific deals by filtering them whenever required

All of your lead and customer contact details are accumulated in a separate section. You can work with contact cards in the same way as with deals — create, edit, delete, and filter them.

contact card crm
Using a contact card, you can find deals linked to that contact

Another useful feature for your contacts is tags. They are labels that you stick to a contact for easy identification and segmentation. Similarly, tags can be associated with your expenses or expense reports for easy identification and classification.

Launch autoflows right from your CRM

Ready for the cherry on top for those who launch marketing campaigns with SendPulse? You can configure specific triggers to launch email and chatbot flows right from your CRM. Actions with your deals represent triggers — you created a new deal or moved it to another stage.

crm triggers for autoflows
Use triggers to start your automated flows

Add teammates for team collaboration

Using our free CRM, you can work together with your team. Invite required teammates and collaborate inside of a single account. Your whole team can access your contact database and list of deals, while access to the rest of SendPulse’s services will be limited based on the user access level you assign.

Among the invited users, you can choose a team member that will be responsible for newly created deals by default.

inviting new users
Our free CRM allows team collaboration

Remember to check out our Knowledge Base for some useful guides on using our free CRM:

Also, of course, do not forget about related posts on our blog and glossary:

Our free CRM is available on any subscription level. Start creating your deals, build your own pipeline, and integrate other SendPulse tools to improve your marketing.

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April 9, 2021

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