Captivating Quiz Landing Page Tips and Top Examples

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Captivating Quiz Landing Page Tips and Top Examples

While the average conversion rate of a landing page is 2.35%, a page that contains any online form can demonstrate a conversion rate of up to 23%. Adding interactive elements to your landing page allows you to grab your clients’ attention and gather more customer data that will help you personalize your services and tailor them to the needs of your target audience. Besides, it allows you to gain valuable insights to develop your business and expand your client base.

Read on to learn how to increase conversions by implementing effective quiz pages.

What is a quiz landing page?

A quiz landing page is a page that promotes your quiz and helps you generate more leads. Typically, it contains a headline, sales copy, CTAs, and your quiz.

Unlike regular landing pages, quiz landing pages aim to warm up the audience, making users more likely to engage and leave their contacts.

Here’s what a quiz landing page might look like:

A quiz landing page by Creative Types

If you take a closer look at this landing page, you will see that there are no excessive details. It engages visitors by prompting them to click the “Start Test” button and discover the test’s first question. Similarly to traditional landing pages, it contains a headline and a call to action.

Some landing pages also include a quiz’s first question to pique the visitor’s interest. Below, we will outline the main reasons quiz landing pages can contribute to the development of your business.

Main reasons to create quiz pages

You can use quizzes to generate more leads and drive more traffic to your site. They allow you to prompt visitors to fill out their contact details in exchange for some kind of incentive. You may provide them with free educational materials, bonuses, discounts, etc.

Let’s check some of the main reasons for using quiz landing pages.

Growing your audience

Quizzes allow you to raise awareness about your brand and learn about your values. In addition, you can use them as a part of your marketing campaign. For instance, on the Skinny Mixes website, you are greeted with the question, “What are you in the mood for?” After answering the initial question, you will be asked to clarify your choice and provided with a recommendation. It allows the company to learn more about the preferences of their potential clients and provide them with quick suggestions.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page by Skinny Mixes

Quiz pages also allow you to grow your list of subscribers, which makes them invaluable for your marketing campaigns. To expand your outreach, you need to expand your user base.

Increasing engagement

Quizzes enable you to make your marketing efforts more targeted and learn your audience better, allowing you to send them personalized offers and make valuable recommendations.

If you are an eCommerce site owner, you can cross-sell your products using targeted quizzes. By adjusting your questions based on the information you know about your prospects, you can give a personal touch to your quizzes. Well-thought-out quizzes enable you to gain the trust of your clients and convert them into long-term customers.

Improving conversions

While many people might get bored with filling out an online form, quizzes are much more entertaining. If your visitors like your quiz, they might decide to share it online, so it’s important to add social media buttons. Thus, using a quiz landing page, you can set up an effective sales funnel.

Quiz landing page best practices

If you have an in-house technical team, you can code a quiz landing page from scratch using JavaScript or iFrame. If you want to save time when building websites with quizzes, you can use one of the top online quiz makers requiring no coding knowledge, like Typeform, SurveyMonkey, Paperform, etc.

Using a convenient landing page builder, you can get the result that will help you increase your conversions. You can use the following tips to ensure that your quiz landing page is effective:

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of a good headline. It should clearly demonstrate what the topic of your page is. The headline of your page and your quiz should be the same. For instance, Beardbrand asks its clients: “What type of beardsman are you?” It’s a good title that appeals directly to the visitors and drives them to look at themselves from a new angle.

quiz landing page with a catchy headline
A quiz landing page with a catchy headline

There is no need to overload your design with excessive details as a simple quiz landing page will still be effective if the main question is intriguing. High-converting questions prompt visitors to think about their relationships with the world and their inner selves. They are revealing and show that you care about getting to know your clients better. You need to provide them with reasons to take the test.

Here are some other elements that you might add to your quiz landing page to increase lead conversion:

  • make your page informative and engaging by adding your own quiz results;
  • tell your visitors more about your values and share your story;
  • use transitions between the questions;
  • add a video or animation.

You can also use A/B testing to make sure your landing page is captivating.

The best quiz landing page examples

There are many use cases for quizzes, as they can help you promote all kinds of businesses. Whether you are a personal assistant or a travel agent, a quiz landing page will help you promote your services. Below, we have outlined prominent cases where you can benefit from implementing sleek and modern-looking quiz landing pages.

Marketing quizzes

In case you have your own marketing company but want to engage your clients to order your services, you can offer them to take a short quiz to show them that they can scale up their businesses with your help. Travel Marketing & Media has a landing page that promises visitors to learn how to develop their travel businesses.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with a marketing test

At the bottom of the page, there is a 15-question quiz that allows visitors to identify the problems they have and find out how to make their marketing campaigns more effective.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with a marketing test

Such quizzes can help small businesses, as they drive more traffic to a site and effectively convert leads to sales. You can also learn about the importance of market research for scaling up your business.

Personality tests

It’s one of the most popular solutions for companies and professionals providing psychological counseling services. With 1.4 million shares, 16Personalities stands out for its well-designed quiz landing page.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with a personality test

This page immediately demonstrates what a person can get after completing the test and tells about the advantages of the premium membership. In addition, users immediately see the first question of the quiz, which enables them to make an informed decision about what kind of counseling they may need.

Beauty quizzes

To engage its clients, L’Oréal Professionnel created an attention-grabbing landing page with a virtual makeover tool. While it doesn’t contain any excessive details, it promises to provide visitors with simple tools for completing their makeover.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with a beauty test

After scrolling down, visitors see the section where they are asked about their wishes. They can either upload their photos or use photos of models to select the most suitable hairstyle and hair color.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page allowing users to try a new hairstyle

Depending on the selected look, a visitor will get suggestions about the hair products they may use to look stunning.

Personal style quizzes

If you are a stylist, there is no better way to advertise your services than help your potential clients see that they could benefit from using your professional assistance. Laurie Loo created a perfect example of an easy-to-navigate site with a quiz.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with a personal style test

At first glance, this quiz page doesn’t contain any indication that you will get access to a test. However, it has an intriguing headline that prompts a visitor to stay a bit longer and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the quiz can be found.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with a personal style test

After answering eight simple questions concerning your preferences and shopping habits, you will get a helpful suggestion that will allow you to understand what steps you should take next.

Healthy eating quizzes

Over 600K people from over the world took the Healthy Eating Quiz. It allows people to find out how they could improve their eating habits. The landing page indicates how long it will take you to complete the quiz and get the results.

quiz landing page
A quiz landing page with an eating habit test

Each person who takes this quiz receives a score and suggestions about improving their diet. Such quizzes will look great on sites promoting the services provided by nutritionists and other professionals.

How to promote your quiz landing page

By focusing on a specific question your potential clients might be interested in and promising to help them learn more about themselves and their habits, you can grab the attention of your visitors. You can use relevant keywords in the headline of your quiz to ensure that your site will get ranked higher by search engines.

Make sure to add social media buttons to your quiz landing page to facilitate sharing. People enjoy sharing their quiz results with their friends and family members. Thanks to this, you can drive more traffic to your platform and increase your brand’s visibility.

Here are some other effective tips on how to promote your quiz landing page:

  • mention the quiz on your home page;
  • share a link to the quiz on your social media and community pages;
  • send the quiz link to contacts from your mailing list;
  • add pop-ups promoting the quiz to your website;
  • launch targeted and contextual ads.

That is how you get your quiz landing page in front of your audience.

Summing up

By using these tips, you can create an engaging and informative quiz landing page. If you don’t have any coding or web design skills, consider using our landing page builder to create a high-conversion page with a quiz for driving more traffic to your website.

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January 3, 2023

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