Pioneers of email marketing

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All of us can speak about advantages and disadvantages of email marketing so long, but not everyone will be able to tell about the first people to use email marketing as a communication channel.

Do you personally know when the first email was sent? Or what was the first email text about? Or who was the sender? It happened this way…

email marketing

Once upon a time in the far 1972 there lived Ray Tomlinson who was the first to send a test email with the text “QWERTYUIOP”. Moreover, he was the first to use @ symbol to separate a person’s name from the PC’s ID in the net.

In 1976, Her Mighty Queen Elizabeth II used the newly created way of communication. For that time it was the first email send on the governmental level.

6 years after email-mailing appearance (in 1978) there was send the first spam message. Harry Teurk, an American businessman, simply decided to send his commercial offer to the 600 users he had found on the net. Actually, for that time, it was not considered as SPAM, and all of the messages trapped to the inboxes of the readers. But, the service was developing every minute.

In 1991 the email sending had grown to the space level. The very evidence of it was the first email sent from the space shuttle «STS-46 Atlantis». The text of the message was the next:

Hi, the Earth! Greetings from STS-46 Atlantis crew. This is the first Applelink from space. It is great here! Asta la vista, baby… We’ll return back.

As you see time is passing by and technologies grow faster. But, email marketing still remains one of the mostly used communication channels.

Pioneers of email marketing

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