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10 Best OptinMonster Alternatives to Try Out in 2024

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10 Best OptinMonster Alternatives to Try Out in 2024

If you’re in the market for a robust pop-up builder, you will inevitably come across OptinMonster if you haven’t done so already. While the tool rightfully deserves its popularity, there’s still a chance it may not be the best fit for you. How come?

You might consider looking for an alternative to OptinMonster for multiple reasons — we’ll discuss them at length in this post. You’ll learn what else is out there and what kinds of unique features OptinMonster competitors offer. We’ll also show you a comprehensive side-by-side comparison to help you make up your mind. Let’s dive in!

OptinMonster features to look for in other tools

Before looking for a strong OptinMonster alternative, you should establish the key features your ideal software should have. Otherwise, you may accidentally downgrade your marketing setup and regret it later.

So, here are some of the best OptinMonster features that you definitely don’t want to lose:

  • Visual dashboard. When you open OptinMonster, you immediately get an up-to-date overview of how your campaigns look and perform. There is no unnecessary clicking around. You can also quickly search for a specific campaign using the built-in search bar.
  • Easy campaign creation. OptinMonster’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor and playbooks for creating and customizing opt-in forms enormously simplify and speed up the design process.
  • Wide variety of formats and design options. OptinMonster has 100+ templates and supports various pop-up formats, from yes/no forms to spin-a-wheel campaigns.
  • Precise targeting. The platform lets you show forms based on user behavior, demographics, or specific pages. You can also set up time-sensitive campaigns.
  • Exit-intent technology. OptinMonster is a pioneer known for its ability to target users who are about to leave. This allows for optimal lead capture.
  • Lead quality check. OptinMonster has a built-in lead verification feature, which ensures high email deliverability, better ROI, and so on.
  • A/B testing. OptinMonster helps optimize your forms for better conversion rates by testing variations and analyzing their performance.
  • Integration options. The software can seamlessly integrate with many popular email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and analytics tools, such as Drip, Salesforce, Shopify, and others.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting. With OptinMonster, you get full transparency into the number of leads and revenue your pop-up campaigns bring in. The tool provides insights into conversion rates, impressions, and other relevant metrics.
  • User satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the tool, the platform gives you money back within the first 14 days.

These are the must-haves that almost every marketer needs. However, many other pop-up creation platforms have caught up with OptinMonster and now offer comparable toolkits — plus some other attractive features on top of that.

OptinMonster downsides

Although the majority of OptinMonster reviews online are positive, there are a few things that seem to be missing or underdeveloped. Here’s why you may want to sign up for an alternative to OptinMonster:

  • The pricing can be misleading. OptinMonster has a few low-cost plans, but they are pretty limited when it comes to the feature list. The most feature-rich plan costs $49 a month, billed annually, and it’s a special introductory price. All renewals cost twice as much. Monthly subscriptions are also 50% more expensive.
  • It’s a best-of-breed tool, not an all-in-one tool. OptinMonster covers all of your pop-up creation needs. But if you want to send push notifications or abandoned cart recovery emails, you’ll have to use a separate tool.
  • There’s some learning curve. While OptinMonster aims to be user-friendly, it takes some getting used to, especially if you are new to website optimization and marketing tools. Its extensive feature set can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Better accessibility requires taking extra steps. Although campaigns created in OptinMonster are all responsive by default, the platform still recommends creating separate mobile-only campaigns for targeting mobile users, which means more work. Also, you may have to redo the campaign design after converting to or from mobile-only.
  • It has an old-school design. The platform has a clean but somewhat traditional “corporate software” interface. If you want something a bit more hip, jolly, and interactive, you should look for an alternative to OptinMonster.
  • Most integrations aren’t available on cheaper plans. To unlock useful integrations with platforms like WooCommerce and Magento, you’ll need to purchase the most expensive plan.
  • The basic plan is pretty limited. For instance, A/B testing, full analytics reporting, campaign archives, and other crucial features are only available for higher-tier plans.
  • The support team isn’t there for you 24/7. Being able to talk to a real human agent and get a quick resolution is a huge deal if an entire marketing campaign is at stake. For OptinMonster users, live chat support and premium customer service are only available on the most advanced plan. Regular support is only available from Monday to Friday, and it takes a few hours to reply.

Surely, these factors are subjective, but it’s important to consider them when looking for the best OptinMonster alternative.

OptinMonster alternatives to consider

We’ve created a comprehensive list of OptinMonster competitors that offer similar or better features along with an attractive price tag. These no-code solutions also come with a free plan or demo, which enables you to test them before buying.


SendPulse is an all-in-one platform for marketing and sales automation. It features an email service, a landing page builder, a chatbot builder, an SMS platform, an LMS platform, and more. Among other tools, it offers an intuitive pop-up builder with over 80+ free pre-designed templates and an option to add entrance and exit animations to make your messages more vivid and dynamic.

pop-up template collection
The pop-up template collection in SendPulse

There are 25+ display scenarios and seven supported formats, including NPS widgets and video pop-ups. You can set up display conditions based on the following criteria:

  • user’s browsing journey;
  • user’s activity;
  • time spent on your site or specific page;
  • specific period;
  • exit intent;
  • user’s browser language or region;
  • traffic source, etc.

All templates can be easily customized in a visual builder. In it, you can also create a custom pop-up from scratch using drag-and-drop building elements. You can A/B test different pop-up versions, combine display scenarios, and use conditional logic to reach your visitors when they’re most perceptive.

To track your campaigns, integrate with Google Analytics or use built-in statistics tools. In addition, you can use SendPulse’s CRM system to store captured customer information and build mailing lists. The platform can be integrated with WordPress, Pipedrive, and others. There’s 24/7 support, a help center, and webinars.

Pricing. There’s a free plan allowing up to 10,000 unique visitors per month. To remove SendPulse branding and unlock more features, you’ll need a paid plan. Prices depend on the visitor count and start at $8 a month, billed monthly. You’ll save up to 20% when choosing a yearly subscription.

You can get started with a free account now. No credit card required. Upgrade when or if you need it.


Claspo is a dedicated pop-up builder with 700+ ready-to-use templates and a convenient drag-and-drop editor where you can customize them. The platform offers 11 pop-up formats and a variety of display conditions to ensure a non-intrusive user experience.

pop-up builder interface
Claspo’s interface; source: Claspo

Here are some features that make Claspo stand out:

  • image and icon stock libraries;
  • campaign scheduling;
  • branding assets for widget design;
  • easy widget live testing;
  • location- and language-based display settings;
  • automatic user’s email domain misspellings;
  • built-in analytics and A/B testing;
  • integration with Google Analytics.

You can even order a custom widget from Claspo. The software can be integrated with 20+ tools, including MailChimp and Shopify. Soon, the entire Claspo will also be available as a plugin.

Pricing. Claspo has a limited free-forever plan. The platform’s paid plans start at $10 a month, billed monthly. An annual subscription will give you two months for free.


Popupsmart is an intuitive solution for creating highly converting pop-ups in minutes. You can choose from 340+ templates and deeply customize them, adjusting every little detail, from line spacing to font styles.

visual editor
Popupsmart’s visual editor; source: Popupsmart

Popupsmart’s most interesting features include:

  • teaser pop-ups;
  • gamified pop-ups with lottery balls and spinning wheels;
  • exit intent, traffic source, scroll, and 15 other triggers;
  • AI-backed smart pop-up targeting;
  • pre-filled signup forms;
  • real-time analytics;
  • eBooks and playbooks for user success;
  • free AI tools.

This OptinMonster alternative offers over 120 integrations and responsive 24/7 support with minimal wait times. It runs on Amazon Web Service and is guaranteed not to affect your site’s load speed. To explore the tool, you can book a 30-minute one-on-one demo.

Pricing. There’s a free plan with 5,000 page views per month. The paid plans start at $39 a month, billed monthly. You can save up to 20% by choosing annual billing.


Wishpond is a powerful platform targeted at entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. In addition to a pop-up builder, it features a website builder, funnels, an appointment booking system, email marketing automation, a sales dashboard, and more.

Wishpond’s builder; source: Wishpond

Wishpond comes with dozens of professional-looking pop-up templates and six triggers. You can use pop-ups to convert visitors, turn them into customers, grow your mailing list, and more. By monitoring real-time stats, you can always stay on top of your campaigns.

Let’s go through some of the Wishpond features:

  • drag-and-drop editor;
  • page-level targeting;
  • A/B testing;
  • custom fonts and code;
  • custom form fields;
  • pre-filled forms;
  • pop-ups with an option to upload files;
  • 40 native integrations and 1,000+ apps.

Pricing. Wishpond offers custom pricing due to its variety of services and tools. According to tech forums, the platform’s paid plans typically start at $44 a month.


Justuno is a conversion-oriented pop-up builder that allows you to align on-site messaging with paid campaigns. In particular, you can automatically sync your Justuno mailing lists with Google and Facebook Ad platforms to create custom audiences on Facebook or customer-match audiences in Google.

pop-up editor
Justuno’s pop-up editor; source: Justuno

Justuno offers a bunch of interesting pop-up formats and settings:

  • informative post-purchase pop-ups for re-engagement;
  • intelligent product recommendations;
  • multi-product discounts;
  • exclusive discounts for VIP customers;
  • retargeting campaigns;
  • countdown timers;
  • push notification opt-ins;
  • gamified pop-ups.

With Justuno, you can also collect SMS opt-ins. In regards to pop-up design, the tool supports animation, visual effects, dynamic layers, custom fonts, and custom code. There are ten targeting rules, including device type and language. Besides, this OptinMonster alternative offers 100+ integrations and A/B testing functionality.

Pricing. The tool has a 14-day free trial. The cheapest paid plan costs $29 a month, billed monthly. There’s also a premium solution with a dedicated CRO strategist and an AI-powered product recommendation engine, with the prices starting at $399 monthly.


HubSpot is an all-encompassing inbound marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. It includes multiple hubs, one of which features this pop-up building tool.

The builder allows you to create mobile-optimized pop-ups and manage how and when they appear. This alternative to OptinMonster supports several different pop-up types, including drop-down banners and slide-in boxes.

Creating a pop-up
Creating a pop-up with HubSpot’s free tools; source: HubSpot

This builder has everything you need to engage your visitors and collect their info:

  • pop-up customization and personalization;
  • synchronization with the HubSpot CRM;
  • consent checkboxes;
  • email notifications for high-value leads;
  • a unified dashboard;
  • a single contact database;
  • synchronization with ad networks;
  • automated kickback emails;
  • countless integrations
  • at-a-glance analytics.

Pricing. Some tools, including the pop-up builder, can be used for free with limitations. The cheapest plan costs $20 per month and only suits small teams. Professional plans cost $800+ a month.

Check out our comprehensive list of HubSpot alternatives.


Sleeknote stands out as a specialized pop-up tool aimed at enhancing conversion rates and fostering visitor engagement. This OptinMonster alternative offers a beginner-friendly pop-up builder, allowing you to assemble campaigns in minutes from various building blocks and customizable templates.

pop-up builder
Sleeknote’s pop-up builder interface; source: G2

Benefits of utilizing Sleeknote include:

  • pop-up gamification features;
  • teaser pop-ups and 5+ other formats;
  • multi-step forms;
  • smart and manual triggers;
  • real-time personalization and advanced analytics;
  • A/B testing;
  • custom integrations;
  • a dedicated success manager;
  • goal-tracking features;
  • unlimited support;
  • the ability to create custom-made campaigns.

Sleeknote has a few more unique features up its sleeve. For example, you can show your campaigns in different screen positions, thank visitors for signing up, or add dynamic product recommendations.

Pricing. Sleeknote provides a free 7-day trial for all its plans, regardless of their pricing tier. The entry-level plan starts at $68 per month when billed monthly, while the highest-tier plan comes in at $500 monthly. Annual subscriptions are 20% cheaper.


Wisepops is a marketing platform for pop-ups and on-site push notifications. It empowers you to design beautiful, non-intrusive campaigns tailored to your audience’s interests. There are 140+ ready-to-use templates and gamification features for driving engagement.

Wisepops’ interface; source: Software Advice

Here’s what you can do with Wisepops:

  • promote limited offers;
  • collect emails;
  • make announcements;
  • share lead magnets;
  • recover abandoned carts;
  • collect website NPS;
  • do exit surveys;
  • gather feedback;
  • A/B test your campaigns.

Wisepops offers six triggers, audience segments, and custom settings for laser-precision targeting. With it, you can create tab, bar, or embed pop-ups. The tool provides a one-click Shopify integration and easily connects with other top marketing platforms.

Pricing. Wisepops offers flexible pricing plans and discounts for new users. The platform’s paid plans start at $53 a month, billed monthly.


Adoric is another strong OptinMonster alternative with a similar set of features. It helps users grow their contact lists, reduce cart abandonment, increase sales, upsell, and cross-sell with the help of pop-ups.

builder interface
Adoric’s interface; source: Software Advice

These features make Adoric attention-worthy:

  • dozens of professionally designed templates;
  • drag-and-drop builder;
  • gamified pop-ups;
  • free shipping bars;
  • smart targeting and triggering features;
  • branding options;
  • simple, clean, and user-friendly analytics;
  • integrations with all popular marketing platforms;
  • product recommendations based on data from Google Analytics.

Pricing. Adoric comes with a 14-day free trial. The pricing plans start at $10 a month, billed monthly, and are based on the average number of orders per month.


Picreel is one of the most budget-friendly OptinMonster alternatives out there. It offers you robust pop-up building tools without overwhelming you with unnecessary extras. The platform has over 100 templates and various triggers, such as intent to exit and scroll.

builder interface
Picreel’s interface; source: Picreel

Here’s a quick overview of Picreel’s features:

  • unlimited campaigns and pop-ups;
  • desktop- and mobile-friendly forms;
  • lead capture forms;
  • visual editor;
  • advanced targeting;
  • design customization;
  • 15+ overlay styles;
  • A/B testing;
  • synchronization with a CRM;
  • reporting and analytics;
  • 700+ integrations;
  • 24/7 support.

Pricing. Picreel has a generous free plan with up to 5,000 monthly visitors as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. The more advanced plan costs $19.99 a month plus $30 a month for the white-label package. With yearly billing, you can save 50%.

Which OptinMonster alternative is the best one?

If you’re still unsure what would work best for you, here are all of the OptinMonster alternatives at a glance.

Tool USP Price segment
SendPulse All-in-one solution for marketing communications and sales tracking $
Claspo Highly visual builder for state-of-the-art pop-ups $
Popupsmart Shopify-friendly solution with deep pop-up customization and AI tools $$
Wishpond Holistic solution for all things marketing $$
Justuno Pop-ups and SMS opt-ins that seamlessly tie into paid media campaigns $$
HubSpot The best alternative to OptinMonster for current HubSpot users $$
Sleeknote Premium pop-up builder for high-precision messaging $$
Wisepops Robust pop-up builder with lots of custom settings $$
Adoric Modern pop-up builder with zero distractions $
Picreel Generous free alternative to OptinMonster $

As you can see, there’s no absolute best alternative to OptinMonster — it all depends on your goals, budget, and personal preferences.

Final thoughts

When considering alternatives to popular tools like OptinMonster, assess your individual needs, preferences, and constraints. Trying out trial versions, reading reviews, and understanding each alternative’s specific features and limitations is crucial for making an informed decision. Hopefully, this post has helped you with that.

If you don’t want to go through endless onboardings and embark on steep learning curves every month, try omnichannel tools like SendPulse. They can replace up to 10+ conventional tools, including stand-alone pop-up builders. Create your free account now to test it out!

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