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SendPulse Is Making Important Changes to the Default Subscription Process

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SendPulse Is Making Important Changes to the Default Subscription Process

SendPulse is adding single opt-in as an option for its subscription forms, and making it the default setting starting October 7.

Note: Single opt-in will be the default setting for new subscription forms created with SendPulse; all your existing forms will remain double opt-in.

Now, you’ll be able to choose between single opt-in and double opt-in each time you create a new subscription form.

What’s the difference between single opt-in and double opt-in?

Just so we’re clear, let’s recap the fundamental difference between these two subscription methods:

  • Single opt-in is when a visitor enters their email address into your form and clicks the “Subscribe” button. They are immediately added to your mailing list, or in other words, they automatically become your subscribers. Right then and there.
  • Double opt-in, in turn, is when a visitor enters their email address into your form, clicks the “Subscribe” button, but that’s not all steps they need to do to become your subscriber. They must also open an email from you asking them to confirm their subscription. Until they click on the confirmation link, they won’t become your subscribers.

Without any confirmation steps, single opt-in helps you grow your mailing list faster and deliver content to new subscribers more quickly. You don’t have to worry about visitors who forgot to check their inbox, resulting in unconfirmed subscribers stuck in limbo. Moreover, it is particularly useful if visitors subscribe using their mobile device.

Double opt-in involves slower mailing list growth, yet it ensures a better quality list. Using this subscription method guarantees that no invalid emails are on your list. Plus, you get more engaged subscribers. As users have to confirm their desire to subscribe, they are more likely to open your future emails and click through them.

Opt-in settings

You can switch between single opt-in and double opt-in methods in the “Form options.” To do so, go to the “Opt-In Settings” tab.

default opt-in settings
Default opt-in settings in the Form Builder

When you leave your subscription form set to single opt-in, you can only customize the subscription notification, the message users see after they click the “Subscribe” button. You can update the notification in the “Post-subscription message” tab.

post subscription message
Notification message for new subscribers

You can optimize this post-subscription notification by experimenting with text formatting or adding a link, for example, to any specific page of your website or a freebie you promised for subscribing.

For new subscribers who join your mailing list through single opt-in, you can launch a trigger email using Automation 360.

When you enable double opt-in, there are more form parameters to set up.

double opt-in enabled
Double opt-in enabled

Apart from the post-subscription message, you can customize and leverage a confirmation email and page that will be sent or displayed to new subscribers.

Basically, you need to decide which opt-in method best fits your business, change the opt-in settings for your subscription form, and launch it. That’s pretty much it!

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7 Oct. 2020

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