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7 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build Your Website’s Reputation

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7 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build Your Website’s Reputation

SEO plays a vital role in the success and visibility of your website. Working with SEO is a two-sided process that consists of on-page and off-page promotion strategies. What’s more, both parts are equally important, and although everything is pretty clear with the first part, some website owners forget about off-page SEO techniques or consider them ineffective.

However, improving one part of your general SEO strategy while ignoring the second will not bring the desired results. In this post, you will learn about seven off-page SEO tactics that will bring you results in 2020 almost immediately after you implement them.

What is off-page SEO, and why is it so important?

The first thing you need to start with is an understanding of what off-page SEO is. As the name implies, these are SEO efforts that will take place outside of your site. If on-page SEO is aimed at working on your page design, improving the UI and UX, optimizing your content, and so on, then to achieve off-page SEO, all work will take place outside of the site. A smart combination of these two strategies will help you achieve high rankings on the SERP.

Off-page SEO techniques are necessary to prove that a site is reliable, authentic, and relevant not only to search engines but also to readers. These tactics, in tandem with internal SEO, can bring popularity and a high ranking to a site quickly.

Off-site SEO tips in detail

If you have already done the work with the internal SEO, then below, you will find some tips on how to increase your rankings using off-site SEO tactics.

Backlink building is still a relevant and highly effective way to improve your site’s ranking. Google considers it very important to have high-quality “do-follow” backlinks from authoritative sources. So, start to prepare content for third-party sites.

Many sites are happy to host content with a link to partner platforms. Therefore, when developing an external SEO strategy, start by finding sites that are ready to host guest posts and match your target audience. Next, start preparing the relevant content. Why pay special attention to the content? Here are the main benefits you should know about:

  • getting high-quality traffic;
  • engaging a live audience;
  • backlink generation;
  • building trust and improving the audience’s loyalty;
  • possibility of increasing the site’s rating for free.

Getting a lot of quality links increases the popularity of your site in your niche community. Likewise, there are automated link building services like LinksManagement. With its help, you can smoothly build your backlink database by choosing only reputable websites to host your content with a link to your platform.

Engage in social media marketing

Social media promotion is one of the most effective strategies today, as more people draw information specifically from social media. Implementing a social media marketing strategy will bring many benefits both for external SEO and for increasing audience awareness and loyalty. Social networks are becoming a place where subscribers are transformed into site traffic and a stable source of interest in your brand.

Another advantage of social media is the ability to customize targeted ads. Thus, it will be possible to attract users to your site who are really interested in your services. Social media is a great tool for reaching local audiences with online directories.

Don’t forget that social media promotion requires useful content. Social media focuses on visual content. Therefore, to achieve success, use colorful photos with vivid colors, always of high quality. If you are showcasing a product, it should not have any defects or flaws. You can do the retouching yourself or use the services of retouching specialists for help. Google can bring valuable content into the search results, which means that this is another good chance to increase your rankings.

And don’t worry that you don’t have enough time to fine-tune social media coverage. With Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posting tools, you can schedule everything in advance. After this, keep an eye on how your social media campaigns are performing.

Answer users’ questions and prove you’re a guru

Being active on Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit is a good chance to attract the attention of your target audience. You can help people who are looking for solutions and suggestions in your area of expertise. You have to provide an answer and leave a link to your site so that users can learn more about the services or products that you offer.

Most likely, you have noticed such a section on Amazon.

q&a section on amazon
Checking the Q&A section of a product on Amazon

Users can provide answers to frequently asked questions in addition to answers from manufacturers and retailers. This section is highly popular and is a good place to promote your website and attract potential customers.

Monitor off-page SEO actions

Every site owner does SEO analysis, but not everyone does the same analysis regarding off-page activity. Be sure to make it a rule to analyze the actions that were performed in the framework of SEO optimization outside of your website. Implementing a strategy without understanding what the results mean will not lead to success.

Today there are many tools that will allow you to get real-time insights. For example, Ahrefs is one of them.

off-page seo activity check
Analyzing off-page SEO activity with Ahrefs

By the way, many of the features of this tool are available free of charge. The service will allow you to find sources of backlinks, keywords, anchors, and pages that are most often linked to. So as soon as you start implementing your external SEO strategy, immediately get a service that will allow you to see how effective your actions are.

Find all mentions of your brand that don’t link back to your site. This can be done with the previously mentioned Ahrefs tool.

backlink report in ahrefs
Filtering the Backlinks report for Nofollow links only with Ahrefs

As soon as you find your brand mentioned without a link to the site, all you need to do is contact the author of the mention and ask for a link. It is unlikely that the author will refuse to add your link. This approach will provide you with an effective off-page SEO technique.

Make a bet on SEO optimized video

Videos are the top-consumed and adored type of content. And they can be good for your off-page SEO as well. Wonder how it’s possible? Let us explain.

Firstly, you may share a link to your video on a Q&A platform and redirect users to your website, improving your traffic and dwell time on the page.

Secondly, you may add an SEO-optimized transcription to your videos and allow Google’s robots to find out what the video is about. Doing this, you may achieve better visibility in the video section in Google’s search.

Mindfully reach your audience with email marketing

To get started with email marketing, you should develop a lead capture form and offer something valuable in exchange for an email address of the user. Next, start to develop your relations with each user that shared their contact data with you.

In fact, it is possible to write dozens of articles on email marketing and outreach, but here are the most important things to remember:

  • make sure that each email you send corresponds to the stage of the sales funnel the user is in right now;
  • make use of tools for email personalization and automated sending;
  • craft your emails in such a way that each of them motivate users to go to the website and stay on your pages, thereby improving behavioral factors;
  • don’t spam.

The final words on off-page SEO tactics

Now you’ve learned that off-page SEO isn’t exclusively about link building and the above tactics prove it. Making use of them for your business will help you increase website popularity, gain audience trust, and reach the top of search engine results.

The implementation of the above off-page SEO tips will be safe as well, and you will not face penalties from Google. What’s more, they are very effective and will quickly bring visible results.

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9 Sep. 2020

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