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Our service is always working on advancing the quality of the mailing system and simplifying it to all our users. Now, we are glad to inform you about a new feature in our system – mailing to unreads!

Many of our clients use email marketing for sales. So, losing potential clients because of unread messages is not proper for them at all. It is not a secret that some users of the Net do not check their mailboxes every day. Moreover, statistics says that we receive up to 200 emails a day. In such a flow of information, it is very easy not to notice every email.
In order not to lose your clients because of the unread messages, now you can easily send them recurrent emails.

Here is a simple plan of how to do this:

Step 1:
Choose a current email message you want to resend to unreads and open the settings at the right hand side. Click at “send to unreads”.
sendpulse-unread - Paint 2015-04-21 16.47.17
Step 2:
In front of us, there is a standard setting list for an email message mailing for you to correct the content if you need.
Create a campaign _ My campaigns _ Campaigns - Google Chrome 2015-04-21 16.44.47
Step 3:
At the next step, we see the message that had been sent with the help of SendPulse platform earlier. Again, you can correct the content to your liking and finally resend this email message one more time to unreads.
As you can see, segmentation of clients is easier than it was thought to be.

If you have any requests of feedback regarding the SendPulse service, feel free to write to us.

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