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How to Use Video in Emails

Using videos in email newsletters is the new black. A report from Wyzowl in 2016 showed that 61% of companies started to use videos in their emails. Just imagine: one-third of email marketers didn’t include video content the previous year. How crazy is that!

Also, Video Brewery revealed some statistics showing that the click-through rate of newsletters with video content is 96% higher than those without it.

So what are you waiting for? Learn about the advantages of video content in email marketing, right now. You will also see what types of videos popular brands use in their email campaigns.

Advantages of using videos in emails

Making a video is more work than writing: you need to gather a team, summon a muse to create an interesting concept, write a script, and then shoot hundreds and thousands of scenes, choose the best ones and set them together in a 60-second frame.

And what do you get in return? Well, it brings a higher CTR (click-through rate), open rate and conversion rate for starters.

Video content increases all these rates. Video in a newsletter is an invitation to click the button, it attracts the reader’s attention, it is easier to appreciate, and it doesn’t take much time to get the point.

Analytics company Wistia decided to investigate if email marketers should use video content in emails. They made an A/B test of two emails; the only difference was that one had a video inside and the other — just images. The CTR of the email with the video was 38%, while for the email with images was only 12%.

The results: video content increased CTR by three times!

And what do you think happens if the word “video” appears in an email title?

  • Open rate increases by 19%
  • CTR is 65% higher
  • Unsubscribe rate becomes 26% less

Another helpful statistic: 52% of marketers think that video content brings the highest ROI.

How to insert a video into an email newsletter

The first choice is to use a link with a thumbnail. A subscriber clicks the play button and automatically gets to a third-party website or a company site to watch the video.

You can also insert a video as a link, but this variant does not look as attractive which can influence if a reader clicks on it. You can easily insert a video into an email in SendPulse, using our drag and drop editor.

National Geographic puts the play button in the bottom left corner of a thumbnail. Users click the button and link to the company website where they can watch a 30-second video.

What should you remember while creating a video for emails

Relevance is the key

Always create relevant videos. Think about your target audience and what content would be interesting for them.

Keep it short

Statistics show that two-thirds of users prefer to watch videos no longer than 60 seconds. If the video is too long, it’s better to divide it into several parts and send them in an email series. The point is that people usually stay focused only for 8 seconds. This means that the first seconds of the video should be the most engaging, interesting and intriguing.

The title should correspond to the content

Respect your subscribers — forget about click baits to attract their attention. If a subscriber opens the video and realizes the video has nothing to do with its title, their trust in you will disappear. Then, they will not interact with your content anymore.

Optimize it

If you decide to upload your videos to YouTube, add a description to it. Do not write much, because YouTube shows only the first three lines of the text. That’s only 100 characters.

Mark the tags and choose the category. YouTube’s algorithm analyzes all the information to understand the content of the video and recommends it to users based on their previous requests and videos viewed.

Examples of video content in email newsletters

Educational video

Research shows that people memorize 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. According to DigitalSherpa, watching a video increases a customers understanding of a product or a service by 74%. So if you want to teach your subscribers some new activities or explain how an instrument or a platform works, adding video content to the newsletter is a perfect idea for you.

Piktochart suggests taking a video course in association with Skillshare. After clicking on the link, the participant can watch a 60-second video about creating an infographic via the Piktochart platform.

Wistia includes videos for newbies in welcome emails. Here we can see a thumbnail with a play button. A subscriber clicks a button that takes them to the company site. There they watch a short video about using the platform to create video content and promote a website. The website walks the subscriber through an example called Jeff’s Lemonade to see how it is done.

This type of video is suitable especially for e-commerce. Sephora uses this content for teaching their audience the latest makeup trends to inspire them to buy.

Videos of how things are done

Let your subscribers peek behind the scenes of your production and they will trust you more. Show them a bit of the secret to creating a final product to put your subscribers in touch with your business. The result is you increase the emotional engagement of your subscribers and their loyalty to the brand.

The company Lush in their newsletter gives their clients an opportunity to watch the production of their cosmetics line — just click the thumbnail.

Entertaining video

Instead of promotional emails, Kate Spade sometimes entertains the audience with its own series. When a new episode is out, followers receive an email with a link to the company site and the video.

Follow the trends, create videos and use them in your email newsletters to increase your email marketing metrics and keep your audience satisfied. And remember that you can create emails with video in SendPulse, register for a free account now!

How to Use Video in Emails

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