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How to Reactivate Sleeping Subscribers

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Reduction of subscribers’ activity is a natural process because people get tired of newsletters. However, it is better not to let it take its course. Have you spent too much time and effort collecting your base and stimulating shopping in order to give up retaining your passive customers? Of course not. As long as they are formally with you, you have a chance to sell them something.

Usually, newsletters that are stimulating to buy a product after a long time are triggers and are programmed to send on certain dates. Every company has its own terms and they depend on the “customer lifecycle.” The period between the first and the second purchase is about 60 days. Then, an email offering to make a second purchase should be sent out approximately 50 days after the first purchase.

With each email, the offer is becoming more and more tempting. If the client does not respond to them, a reactivation email should be sent between 4-6 periods.

What are the elements of a great reactivation letter?

    • The subject line and content of the email have one objective: to activate the subscriber to purchase or continue the communication with your brand.
    • The subject line is bright and attractive.


The benefits of this email are a simple design, the minimum amount of text, a clear and attractive subject line, and appropriate content.

    • Personalizing by using the subscriber’s name is the beginning of a confidential conversation.


Benefits of this email: it’s personalized and the subscriber’s name is big in order to attract attention. There company’s benefits and reasons for the next purchase are displayed: a high-quality product, returns, free shipping, and 15% discount.

    • Using a marketing super offer will demonstrate your desire to continue the relationship. It’s probably best to use 2-3 offers in order to emphasize your loyalty to the client. Make it clear and visible and prompt it with a Call-to-Action.


Benefits: it creates a feeling of an exclusive offer that is available for a limited time. In this case it’s discounts and getting a vase with any bouquet of flowers. This email also has effective call-to-action buttons: «Click! ».

    • A minimum of text will remind subscribers about you before their attention switches to something else.


Benefits: It has a good, minimalistic design and fancy fonts are used. The target audience will probably enjoy this graphic solution, especially as it is combined with the design of the site. The email looks very personal and fun at the same time. This is quite an original email from the clothing industry: there are no pictures of clothes. Perhaps this is intentional to emphasize the features of this treatment. Moreover, the text begins with the words «We need to talk».

    • Include application forms for the designation of new preferences in case the subscribers’ interests have changed.
    • Include social network buttons.
    • An unsubscribe button is a must-have of every email.


This email uses all three components that were described above. Benefits: clear navigation, an opportunity to update email preferences, modern graphics and fonts; there are all sorts of reasons why people will subscribe to their newsletter.

    • The design of the email should be the best it can be and reflect the nature of your business.



  • Concise, attractive and delicious.
  • Including a real present that is waiting for you is a good idea to entice people to the offline shop.
  • The offer has a time limit and makes the subscriber hurry.
  • The design of the email corresponds to the company.
  • A qualitative photo always works well, especially with food.

Make your reactivation campaigns regular. Test them if you doubt the effectiveness of your reactivation emails. This way, you can better understand your audience and their reactions to your email messages.

How to Reactivate Sleeping Subscribers

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