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How to promote a startup?

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How to promote a startup?

We are living in a culture for success. There are so many people inspired by great examples and great entrepreneurs who decide to set up a startup that it is hard to keep up with all these projects. Millions of ideas and hundreds of enthusiasts come to light every day, but a number of them disappear as quickly as they appeared. The problem is only in incorrect promotion to the market. So, how do you make your dream come true? How do you promote your own project having limited finance sources? Here is our way out!

At the very first step of promoting a startup there is a necessity to find the most effective ways of promotion that won’t cost too much. The first that comes to mind is to submit the information about the startup to different free platforms, such as Product Hunt, Kickstarter or Beta-list. Platforms like these can provide the project with the necessary traffic and even help to find finance resources. However, there are also some disadvantages of this promotion channel:

  • Time – no-one can guarantee that your project will gain popularity among the audience of a startup platform. This may lead to long-term “hanging” of the project without any significant results.
  • You cannot influence the result of promotion. It is just the matter of fate, good luck or some other factors.

So, promoting with the help of a startup platform can better be used as an additional communication channel, but not as the major way out.

The next popular promotion channel is social media. The common truth is that people spend a lot of time surfing the social pages of Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Vine. Of course, you can attract their attention. All you need to do is create a page for your project in the social network, fill it in with the useful content and…wait. Because without paid advertisements the user traffic to your page will be rather low and slow. That is the main disadvantage of this way of promotion.

It goes without saying that you should launch a landing page for the project you have created. The promotion of this website can be organized with the help of email marketing. Actually, email marketing is the best decision for startups. Even market leaders use this communication channel in their marketing strategies. And the costs of email marketing are rather low.

Modern digital sphere can offer email marketing tools and services for various needs. The best way is to create an account in an email service and automatize the campaigns. In this case, you’ll be able to use various free templates, create your own style, and track all the metrics to measure the effectiveness of every email. The average price for using an email service having nearly 5000 subscribers is $20-$25. On the other hand, email service SendPulse you can use for free.

There are several advantages in comparison to other platforms:

  • 24/7 connection to the technical support (and they react quickly to the requests)
  • Unlimited emails
  • A great number of various templates.

Any idea can come true in life. The point is only your efforts will achieve your goal and promoting your startups, of course.

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16 Jun. 2015

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