According to statistics, it is five times more expensive to attract new clients than to keep the current ones. At the same time, only 16% of the companies focus their marketing strategies on maintaining solid relationships with customers.
In this article, we will tell you how to create content that will be valuable for the customers and increase their loyalty.

Why is it important to create value for the customer?

To gain the trust and love of your customers, it is necessary to create strong ties between your brand and your target audience. It may be possible if the former holds certain values. They include not only the quality of services and functionality of goods but something more: ethics, the feeling of confidence and reliability, and of course positive emotions which make communication with your brand enjoyable. So, what methods can be used to bring value to the customers through emails?

Create motivational programs

Here are the most popular types of motivational programs in emails:

  • Discounts (festive, seasonal, or volume);
  • Special offers;
  • Free trial.

As for the free trial, about 15-20% of people who accept it later become customers with paid accounts.

Here is an example of how Scribd, an online library, attracts new clients by giving them a free 30-days access to their books and magazines.

Use loyalty programs

Their purpose is to thank customers for their cooperation as well as their loyalty to your brand and to show how much you value them.

For example, The Starbucks company has created the loyalty program called “Starbucks Rewards”. It allows the clients to receive bonuses for their purchases, which can be exchanged for coffee or used as a discount.

Share your knowledge

The aspiration to share knowledge in the area you are proficient in will always get a positive response.

Include the following in your emails:

  • invitations to educational webinars;
  • invitations to forums;
  • useful articles from your blog;
  • recommendations and guidance on how to use your product.

Piktochart created an inspirational article on the use of infographics, which they shared with their customers in the emails.

Demonstrate the quality of your service

For many buyers, high quality service is one of the major aspects that the brand can offer. Consumer survey at Statista has demonstrated that the quality of service is the third on the list among the factors influencing the purchase decision. It is overrun only by competitive prices and right products selections.

You can show the quality of your service with the help of the following tactics:

  1. Suggest solution to a problem

It is reasonable to offer a festive package of your products on Christmas Eve as this is the time when people buy gifts. In such a way, you will save your clients from care about wrapping. Teavana does this really well by sending emails with colourful pictures that demonstrate the art of gift wrapping in action.

  1. Ask for the feedback about the purchase or service

Companies that want to receive a feedback about the quality of their goods or service will always ask customers for their impressions: Do they like the product? Did they have any difficulties with the service, what were they? The customer will appreciate this attitude from the seller and will be likely to come back again.

Grammarly, for example, encourages its users to evaluate the service with the five-star rating or by leave a feedback.

  1. Express gratitude and send gifts

Gratitude and gifts for cooperation will be always welcomed. This is a show of attention which says, “We appreciate you as a client and will be happy to cooperate again”.

Thrive Market often sends gifts to its subscribers. Don’t be greedy. Remember, you are investing in long term cooperation with your client.

Hold contests

To hold a contest or a giveaway, use the following scheme: email + social media

Emails for subscribers should contain necessary information about terms, conditions, and prizes. You may also include a link that leads to the Facebook or Instagram page where the contest takes place.

For instance, Lush gives their customers a chance to win a prize pack if they post a video of their favourite wobbling jelly in social networks with the hashtag #getjellywithit. To participate, it is also necessary to register at their website, which automatically increases the number of potential customers of the company. Their emails also contain descriptions and bright images of the product, which may motivate the customers to try it.

You can apply this scheme in any field. Customers value not a only high quality and useful product but also positive emotions that make them smile.

Conduct surveys

Surveys help you understand what clients think of your brand, giving you an opportunity to build bridges with them. For example, you can thank them for sharing positive experiences or help in case they have some difficulties. See how the online video maker Animoto carries out a survey asking the customers to evaluate their service and even offers them a chance to win a prize for it.

Recommendations from the expert and useful tips

Expert view as an influencer marketing tactics became a popular way to promote a product. Recommendations from experts, authorities, and celebrities lead to the faster business development and increase sales. Moreover, influencer marketing makes a brand popular.

You can also use recommendations on how and why to use your products and provide interesting information that will motivate the customers to try them.

Why is it so effective? Just because we often make decisions to buy something under the influence of other people’s opinions. We often follow the example of friends and colleagues, or just their recommendations, yet it is the expert advice that commonly has the greatest influence on our purchase decision. We believe their views and simply rely on their knowledge.

Avon, for example, often sends their customers useful information that not only makes them want to try their cosmetics but also gives the expert answers to their possible questions.

All of the above-mentioned tactics will help you to create a positive image of your brand among potential clients. Send emails that you would be glad to receive yourself. And, of course, create them with SendPulse!

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