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How to build your email list

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Every marketer needs a base of subscribers to start his email campaign. We don’t recommend buying or stealing email lists because that’s not effective and illegal.
A large and qualitative email list is the key to a company’s successful development. We’re going to take a look at how and where to collect email addresses in accordance with applicable law.

Online methods

Sign-up form
Your own webpage is the most significant place to put your sign-up form. Make it as short as possible.

Pop-ups often get a great result but there are some things you have to pay attention to when using them. Firstly, limit the time the pop-up will display to visitors. Secondly, be sure to prevent the pop-up from activating for users who are already signed up.
There are several kinds of pop-up sign-up forms, including:
Scroll triggered box – a pop-up window that appears when visitors scroll down the page on the site.
Top bar – a pop-up window that appears in the page header and can be closed. Such forms are designed to keep your visitors on the website; they don’t annoy the subscribers and they are also suitable for mobile devices.
The best motivator is free and useful content. Just ask visitors to fill in the form before downloading a book, an article etc.

Social Media
Get your newsletter sign-up form on every social media platform where you have a presence. Facebook is the right place to start because there is a sign-up button on the page that attracts attention. You can get cheap leads through this platform.
Don’t forget about mobile apps because the application can collect and store the e-mail address even whilst offline. When you have an internet connection, data is automatically loaded to your account.

A good idea is to run a contest in which subscribers should fill in the form in order to take part. What’s great about contests is that they offer a seemingly large reward for very little work. People will be willing to give you their emails if the prize you are offering is valuable enough.

After a webinar, for example, send the registration form in an email to those who didn’t attend the webinar and continue the dialog with them from there.

Free tools and services
Create a useful service or tool for which you need to enter an email.

Offline methods

You can also call your clients and ask for their email addresses. The difficulty is writing email addresses correctly.

Box for business cards
Collect visitors’ business cards in your office, shop or restaurant. We can assure you that many clients will want to receive emails from you, even if they have already made a purchase.

QR code
Point out your QR code on the printed materials (leaflets, brochures, magazines etc.).

Building your email list will take time and patience. However, a good quality email list gives you the opportunity to boost revenue for your company and generally increase its value.

How to build your email list

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