Halloween is legitimately one of the most commercialized holidays of the year, with 9 billion US dollars having been spent within the festive season in 2018. There’s a reason for that — people think of costumes to buy, decorations to prepare, and themed parties to throw. In this article, we will spill the beans on how to run a successful Halloween email campaign and how to create a series of triggered holiday-themed emails using Automation 360.

How to create a Halloween subject line

Any kind of campaign needs a thorough planning, and your Halloween email marketing campaign isn’t any different.

For a start, look back at your previous campaigns to take the best tricks that worked for them, like the time you sent the campaigns, email subject lines, or CTAs. Remember to remove inactive subscribers and segment the database left. When you’re done with that, decide on the Halloween subject line.

In case you’ve already used emojis to make your subject lines stand out, Halloween brings a number of other opportunities to get creative:

1. Put your offers first. Get straight to the point right from the subject line — show what to expect from your Halloween offers by specifying the details.

halloween email subject line
Halloween offer in email subject line

2. Ask an engaging question. Such a trick can intrigue a subscriber and motivate them to open your email to see what stores inside.

halloween email subject line
Intriguing Halloween email subject line

3. Turn to urgency. As no one wants to miss tempting discounts, ask your subscribers to hurry up and mention that your offers are valid for a limited time only.

halloween email subject line
Halloween email subject lines with the sense of urgency

4. Use literary devices. Make your subject lines real attention grabbers by using various figures of speech.

halloween email subject line
Halloween email subject lines employing figures of speech

5. Personalize your subject line. Mentioning the subscriber’s name in your subject line will add up some personalized touch to your message.

halloween email subject line
Personalized Halloween subject line

6. Go creative with your copywriting. Such an approach will bring fun to your subject lines and makes them stand out in the inbox, especially when used together with emojis.

creative halloween email subject lines
Creative Halloween email subject lines

After you’ve taken all necessary steps, it’s high time you proceeded to constructing the email itself. Let us smooth things down for you with the pack of Halloween email ideas we’ve gathered from our inbox.

Halloween email campaign ideas

Come up with Halloween activities

Halloween is all about having fun, so make sure you help your subscribers have as much fun as possible, breezing in some new ideas into their celebration. Send tips on how to organize a home or an office party or invite subscribers to themed nearby events.

For example, Discover Los Angeles unveiled LA parties worth visiting and topped their email with a quick guide on other things to do on Halloween in the city. Among all, they designed the email using orange, a traditional color for Halloween.

Halloween email idea
A Halloween email from Discover Los Angeles

Alternatively, Stolen Girlfriends Club prepared their own event and invited their subscribers to it in the Halloween email. The company used typical Halloween colors in their email, indicated the time and place of the event, and introduced the headliners of the party.

halloween email campaign idea
A Halloween event invitation email from Stolen Girlfriends Club

Offer recipes

The fact that Halloween is mainly celebrated outside the family circle shouldn’t mean there’s no place for tasty meals. Help your subscribers create unforgettable Halloween treats by coming up with some cooking ideas.

Blue Apron couldn’t stand aside from this idea and sent an email with an easy-to-repeat spooky dessert for a party. No need to proceed to the website for a full recipe — just one look at the email and you are ready to cook.

A Halloween email with a recipe from Blue Apron

Come up with outfit ideas

Make this point one of your priorities for your Halloween-inspired emails as this is the perfect time to dress up. In case you’ve got Halloween-themed clothes on your mind, let them out in the campaign. Alternatively, you can come up with DIY outfit ideas or go super creative.

Guess, for example, didn’t come up with Halloween-printed items, having suggested mother-daughter paired looks for the party instead.

halloween email campaign ideas
A Halloween email with outfit ideas from Guess

Aerie, in their turn, sent three easy to reproduce Halloween outfit ideas, accompanying the looks with makeup ideas.

halloween how to
A Halloween email with outfit ideas from Aerie

Suggest makeup tutorials

Introducing some makeup tips is a pretty nice idea for a Halloween campaign. This way, you’ll bring value to your subscribers by coming up with relevant offers and will get a chance to promote your stuff.

Avon followed this idea in their Halloween email and created a simple party look, offering a step-by-step tutorial and all necessary items for a user to reproduce it.

halloween email campaign
An email with a Halloween makeup tutorial from Avon

Bring shopping inspiration

Lush scraped together the items from their shop which might come in handy at Halloween. Look how the company linked the copywriting with their products. Since shower cream and bath bombs literally vanish and slip away, the brand urged to grab those items before they get sold out.

halloween deals
An email with Halloween-themed offers from Lush

Another way to fuel up subscribers’ interest and goose sales is to come up with an offer that generates anticipation. Add a countdown timer, start your Halloween email campaign early, or launch a mystery sale, like The Harry’s did.

The company offered their adventurous customers to spend $10 on a surprise item. Apart from this, the brand attracted the users into the deal by offering free shipping. Who wouldn’t get tempted by an offer like that?

An email with a mystery sale from The Harry’s

Yet keep in mind that you’re not the only clever one getting ready to email your subscribers on Halloween. So, prepare your subscribers in advance with a series of themed emails using SendPulse feature Automation 360.

How to automate your Halloween marketing campaign with SendPulse

We’ll create an automated series of three emails. In case users make a purchase, they won’t get the next emails, whereas in case of no purchase they will receive follow-up emails.

Fill in the basic information

Choose the Automation option in the sidebar, click “Create Automation,” and choose Automation 360. In the appearing fields, fill in the basic data about your campaign and click “Apply.”

getting strated with automation 360
Getting started with Automation 360

Indicate the conditions to start and stop the series

To launch the automated series of Halloween emails, you need to indicate the event which will start the series in the “Flow start” block. In our case, it’s opens and clicks of our bulk campaign.

Let’s set up the parameters in the “Flow start:”

  • for the Flow start we’ve chosen contact webhook (users who have opened our previous campaign or clicked the links in it);
  • for the Mailing list we need to choose users to be sent the Halloween email series;
  • then we’ll activate the “Stop the series by event” option and choose “Purchase;” this way the contacts who have purchased from us, won’t receive other emails of the series.
halloween series automation 360
Adding the webhook for the Halloween campaign

Send the bulk email campaign

After that, we schedule the launch of the bulk email campaign across our whole database at the beginning of October. This way, everyone who opens this email, will receive the following emails of the series.

Create a series of three emails

We’ve included three emails to our series to prepare the subscribers for our Halloween email campaign. In case you run a retailer store, here’s one of the options of email series for you:

  • inform you have created a special Halloween section on your website 25 days prior the event;
  • send Halloween outfit and celebration ideas 15 days before the event;
  • offer themed clothes and accessories 6 days prior the big day.

Drag the “Email” icon to the work field and link it with the block “Flow start” to add the email to the series. Write the subject line, choose the sending time, and pick the email template. You can create your own template or choose one from SendPulse premade templates for Halloween.

automated email series for halloween
Adding the first email to the automated series in Automation 360

After adding other two emails, the series will eventually look like this:

halloween email series
Automated Halloween email series created with Automation 360

After we’ve added all emails to the series, we need to drag the block “Action” to the work field and connect it with the last email. Remember to indicate the actual action in the settings. In our case, it’s “Move subscriber to another list.” The addresses of the users who haven’t purchased anything will be moved to another mailing list.

Now let’s take a final look at our automated email series created in Automation 360:

halloween email series
Automated email series created with SendPulse

Remember to stop the campaign

Since we triggered the start of the series by user’s opening the bulk email campaign, we need to pause it in case subscribers fail to open the emails before the event. Otherwise users might receive the series of emails much later, when the Halloween deals get outdated.

configuring halloween email series
Pausing email series in Automation 360

Parting thoughts

So, let’s highlight the most essential points on the way to a successful Halloween email campaign in the checklist below:

  1. Get ready for your Halloween campaign by refreshing your email marketing strategy, cleaning the database, and segmenting the audience.
  2. Start you campaigns by thinking of eye-catchy themed subject lines. Use various literary devices to make creative ones.
  3. Don’t focus on the sales alone; instead, find appropriate reasons to email your subscribers and bring them real value.
  4. Set up an automated series of emails with Automation 360 to prepare your subscribers for Halloween sales or attract a bigger audience.

Creative touch and a thought-through flow automation will allow you to launch a terrifyingly successful Halloween email campaign, in which you will be able to promote any kind of goods. Send your campaigns with SendPulse and we will take care of their automation!

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