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Gmail Announces the Release of New Age Autocorrection

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Gmail Announces the Release of New Age Autocorrection

Frankly speaking, how many times have we dreamt that all our spelling and grammar mistakes could be corrected without any participation?

G Suite users will appreciate benefits of inline suggestions in a couple of weeks, powered by machine learning, that appear while you type. That means that all your mistakes will be corrected automatically without you having to click anything or take any extra steps. Sounds tempting, right?

Gmail promises to deal with grammar mistakes too. You don’t have to manually click “check spelling” anymore in the compose window. Red lines will appear under misspellings and blue lines under grammatical errors as Gmail perceives it.

Gmail spelling and grammar checking; source: G Suite Updates

New options will be represented soon and are on by default. If you don’t need any assistance, you can disable each of them individually in settings. As-you-type autocorrect can be turned off and grammar suggestions be left on, as an example.

The AI-powered grammar checker is useful in Google Docs and now it’s making its own way into Gmail. Company says it’s “committed to making products that work well for everyone and are actively researching unintended bias and mitigation strategies.” Google notes that machine learning has the potential to “reflect human cognitive biases” as a result.

So, the question is, What do users get out of it?

  • saved time due to the absence of extra clicks and steps;
  • correction of grammar mistakes;
  • as-you-type autocorrect for misspellings.

Date of publication:

August 23, 2019

Lesya Nevolko

News Editor at SendPulse

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