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New Video Tools for Facebook and Instagram

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New Video Tools for Facebook and Instagram

On September 16, Facebook has introduced a number of updates for video creators and publishers. These updates include improvements for Live, Watch Party, and Creator Studio, a tool for publishers and creators to post, manage, monetize, and measure content across Facebook and Instagram pages.

Through the Live API, publishers and creators are now able to

  • use a rehearsal feature to test new production setups, interactive features, and formats before going live to a full audience; only Page admins and editors will see a rehearsal video;
  • broadcast longer — from four to eight hours per session;
  • use apps that let them broadcast their content simultaneously to other online streaming services.

Moreover, publishers get the opportunity to trim the beginning and the end of a live video and broadcast live in Facebook Lite app.

Using Watch Party tools, video publishers and creators now can

  • schedule a watch party in advance so that users can opt in to be notified about the beginning of the party;
  • use video replays that allow users to watch a party after it airs;
  • monitor the watch time accumulated during a Watch Party through Minutes Viewed and check the total number of unique users who watched at least 60 seconds of a party through Unique 60s Viewers;
  • tag business partners in branded content with performance details visible to both parties. 

There are also improvements in Facebook Creator Studio: 

  • new visualization layer in Loyalty Insights that will help publishers understand what video loyal fans want to see by analyzing what videos drive returning viewers;
Looking at the screenshot with the Return Viewers metric in action
New metric in action; taken from Facebook
  •  auto-captioning for 13 new languages;
  •  Instagram Feed and IGTV scheduling for up to six months.

Facebook says they are “focused on creating video experiences that serve best to build ways for publishers and creators to grow, understand their audiences, build deeper connections with their community across the video.” We’ll be looking forward to new updates from them and appreciate introduced benefits right now.

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September 23, 2019

Lesya Nevolko

News Editor at SendPulse

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