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Email marketing best practices in 2018

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Email marketing best practices in 2018

Statista predicts that the number of email users worldwide will reach 4.1 billion in 2021. That’s a huge audience you’d be smart to take advantage of. For you to win the competition for inbox attention, we have prepared a selection of the best practices used by brands in 2017.

Emoji marketing

Using Smiley in email is a controversial topic. Some consider adding emoticons to be poor email etiquette and don’t use them, while others see them as a great way to stand out in a customer’s inbox. The undeniable fact is that emojis in subject lines improve open rates. You can learn more about how to make proper use of emoticons and analyze some case studies in our recent article.

GIF animation

Movement on a static background catches the eye. In 2017, only the lazy have not tried to cheer up emails with GIF animation.

Spotify offers its subscribers a time capsule. It is a 2-hour playlist with memorable tracks from the past. A hypnotizing GIF, concise heading, clear call-to-action and the capsule is ready to take you back in time.

Artful copywriting for headings

Kate Spade copywriters have played around with lyrics from Robbie Williams hit “Love Supreme.” “I spy with my little eye…eyelet” used by the company is a wordplay related to the type of material the dress is made of. Combined with branded fonts and GIF, this email livens up.

In the email below, we see a concise heading and original design from Pret, an online store of natural food and organic coffee. The company uses the heading to highlight that it is broth that gives a brilliant start to your morning.

Benefit for subscribers

Deliver value to your subscribers, and you will earn a solid reputation that, in turn, will lead to improved sales.

Ritual, an online vitamin store, not only promotes its products but also states healthy facts about it. The email below is dedicated to folate. A recipient can learn about its properties, components, and the effect it has on the human body. The heading is short and catchy thanks to the use of words that begin with the same letter.

Handy, a cleaning company, uses a proven method to sell its services. The company appeals to a pain point, a messy home, and provides a solution, home cleaning services. The statement of the problem is reinforced by the results of a poll carried out by the company.

Video content has become a rising trend in email marketing over the last two years. A subscriber can’t play the video directly in the email, but you can embed it as a thumbnail with a play button. Once a subscriber has clicked the play button, they are redirected to your website or YouTube channel bringing additional traffic.

Adidas uses video with Gil Scott-Heron, a famous runner, to promote a new model of sneakers. The company resorts to influencer marketing, a tactic that is widely used by sports brands.

Typeform, a web form builder, includes a video in its welcome email. Newbies can watch this short video to get familiar with the platform’s functionality.

This year, brands have satisfied and intrigued customers with high-quality visuals and triggered emotions with the power of words. Companies have tried to be relevant and used emojis to distinguish themselves in crowded inboxes. So, get inspired by these examples and be creative, and SendPulse will take care of the rest!

Sure it’s great to look at beautiful email examples for inspiration, but sometimes inspiration isn’t enough. Our partners has prepared a great guide on email best practices. Go ahead and check if your email marketing is aligned with it!

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December 28, 2017

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