There’s a big misconception that email is an outdated marketing tool from a bygone era. But though it predates Snapchat, chatbots, and even MySpace, email still remains paramount to a successful marketing strategy.

Seth Godin, an American author and entrepreneur, wrote the book Permission Marketing 20 years ago, but his advice and predictions for the importance of email marketing remain relevant today. Email marketing has the enduring power that will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Let’s discover this power by running through the list of the benefits of email marketing for small businesses and large corporations.

Email marketing benefit #1. User preference

It’s important to know that more than 7 out of 10 users in the U.S. prefer brands to contact them via email, so it’s only logical for companies to invest more resources into creating better email campaigns.

No wonder that 74% of marketers already use emails and 21% of them are planning to start emailing within the next 12 months.

Percentage of marketers using or planning to use various marketing channels

usage of various marketing channels
Source: Salesforce State of Marketing Report 5th Edition

Furthermore, email activity is predicted to have grown up to 347.3 billion daily emails in 2023.

The number of sent and received emails per day

email activity statistics
Source: Statista

Email marketing benefit #2. Cost-effectiveness

Today businesses can reach thousands of people at little to no cost at all. Compared to traditional advertising methods like direct mail campaigns, broadcast media, and others, one of the benefits of email marketing is its cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to pay any advertising fee or additional costs for printing or media space.

When it comes to ROI of email marketing, the average ratio is 42:1, which is impressive on its own. However, there are multiple factors that can make it even better. For example, companies that regularly A/B test their emails enjoy the ROI of 48:1. Factors like double opt-in, usage of GIFs, or the frequency of 5-8 emails per month can also increase this number, so you have a high degree of control over the ROI.

The factors that influence email marketing ROI

factors that influence email marketing roi
Source: The 2019 State of Email Analytics

In contrast, ROI of social media is not so easy to measure, 44% of businesses having no idea what their social media ROI is.

Email marketing benefit #3. Higher sales

Marketing Week’s sister brand Econsultancy reports that email generates around £29 billion of retail sales annually in the U.K., and you are able to influence the number of sales you get by using methods like segmentation and personalization.

Customers tend to act on impulse when they get an email informing them about a relevant product. You can involve your subscribers’ emotions and make them convert by using fear of missing out and other sales-boosting techniques such as flash sales, free shipping, or countdown timers. They are especially effective during holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, and others.

Email marketing benefit #4. Measurable results

One of the most influential benefits of email marketing is your capability to measure a bunch of metrics, compare and test your emails infinitely until you reach the result you’ve been striving for. Depending on the email service provider, you can rely on their data or top it up with third-party tools like Google Analytics to get deeper insights.

The most frequently measured metrics among senders are opens, clicks, bounces, and conversions, but you can also measure crucial numbers like ROI, revenue per subscriber, and subscriber lifetime value.

Visibility into email metrics

email metrics
Source: The 2019 State of Email Analytics

Email marketing benefit #5. Availability

In email marketing, you usually don’t need any investments to begin. It’s especially important for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Many email service providers offer free plans for you to try out this channel, gather first subscribers, and test a few early ideas. For example, SendPulse allows sending out up to 15,000 emails to 2,500 subscribers per month.

Besides, email lets you reach people in any country without limiting yourself to a local community or a single language. While your mailing list is growing, you start earning profits from completed purchases or orders, which you can then invest back into email marketing.

Email marketing benefit #6. Additional traffic

Another benefit of email marketing is that you can use it to boost the effectiveness of other marketing channels and platforms — as such, by providing links throughout your emails, you can bring more traffic to your website.

For instance, you can create digests with articles’ roundups and links calling subscribers to read more on your website. This way, you may increase the number of website visitors by promoting your products in email at the same time.

Here’s an example from TheFeedFeed. The email offers a list of ingredients for a cake, but to see the entire step-by-step recipe, you have to click the CTA button, which will lead you to their website. There are also a couple of other recipes promoted below.

digest email
Recipe of the Day email from TheFeedFeed

Email marketing benefit #7. Saved time

Marketing automation tools like Automation 360 are a great time saver as they allow you to set up triggered or drip email campaigns depending on the users’ actions and not to waste time on sending out each individual email.

For example, if a user has left a full cart and hasn’t finished the purchase, you can automatically send them an abandoned cart email. Then, based on their further actions, you might send out either another reminder or purchase confirmation.

Automated emails bring more than 2X higher open rates, more than 3X higher click rates, and almost 2X higher click-to-open rates.

Performance of triggered vs. standard emails

triggered vs standard emails
Source: Email Benchmark Report 2018

As a result, automation, being one of the many advantages of using email marketing, not only saves your resources and time but also guarantees higher clicks and opens.

Email marketing benefit #8. Relevant and personalized content

Personalization is no longer just an option but a must-have for email marketing campaigns, and it’s actually one of the strongest benefits of email marketing compared to other marketing channels.

In 2019 Trends in Personalisation Survey Report by Evergage, 78% of marketers claimed to be using personalization in email, compared to 58% applying it on their website, 42% in direct contact with consumers, or 35% in online advertising.

When it comes to the benefits of email marketing personalization, they are tempting: companies deliver better customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and get higher ROI.

Benefits of email personalization

email personalization statistics
Source: 2019 Trends in Personalization Survey Report

Email marketing benefit #9. Multiplatform experience

Mobile internet usage has been growing globally for the last five years. In 2019, 63.4% of internet users go online through their phones. This trend couldn’t pass by email.

People have much more control over the way they consume emails compared to other communication channels such as social media. They decide what emails to opt-in for, when and where to read them, and also how to read them — whether it be a smartphone, webmail, or desktop. Yet, with the world going mobile, it is natural that it remains the most popular reading environment.

Devices used for interacting with emailn

devices used for interacting with email
Source: 2019 State of Email

With email, it’s easy to follow the trend and provide users with what they want to see. Most email service providers allow you to optimize emails for mobile and create responsive versions which are automatically adjusted to the size of the screen.

Email marketing benefit #10. Full control over the content recipients see

In social media, there’s no way to control what posts will be shown to which users as it is the automatic algorithms that decide it. One of the most important advantages of email marketing, however, is that you are always the one choosing the content that your subscribers will receive, no matter whether you set up automated campaigns or send them manually.

There are numerous types of emails you could be sending out, and here are just some of them:

What is more, you can always combine different types of content in one email to make sure your audience receives all the messages you want to share with them. For instance, you may add an event invitation to a digest or promote some additional products in a transactional email.

Join the good side ― experience all the benefits of email marketing

Indeed, a business that doesn’t take their email marketing strategy seriously is losing out on many business advantages, including powerful analytics data and sales!

If there is a reason why your company has been still holding back in its email marketing efforts, or you’ve started but there are many hurdles on your way to building successful email campaigns, do not hesitate to contact our support team and we’ll do our best to help you get on track!

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