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What’s Changing with SendPulse’s Chatbot Pricing Plans?

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What’s Changing with SendPulse’s Chatbot Pricing Plans?

A year ago, we released a feature that allows users to connect their Facebook page to SendPulse and send messages to prospects via Facebook Messenger.

Later on, we released a visual chatbot builder to allow our customers to use chatbots to automate their replies on Facebook. Our builder allows you to design chatbot flows, where keywords are used to trigger different bot scenarios and responses. We added functionality for personalization, adding variables, creating drafts, sending email campaigns if you have a user’s email address, and more.

Pricing plans

Today, tens of thousands of Facebook pages use chatbots from SendPulse to send billions of messages and autoresponders daily.

During the beta period, SendPulse’s chatbot service remained free and had no limitations. SendPulse will continue to have a generous free plan. Based on our implementation, a majority of users will not be affected by any changes coming to our chatbot pricing plans. You can learn more below.

Free Plan

SendPulse’s chatbot Free Plan places no limits on the number of chatbot subscribers you have, but does limit the total number of messages that you can send. You can connect up to three Facebook pages and start sending messages today.

The Free Plan is limited to 10,000 messages per month, which you can send from any of your chatbots. Messages include both autoresponders and mass messages.

We estimated that 10,000 messages per month will be sufficient to take advantage of chatbot autoresponders for users who don’t send a large volume of messages.

If you use the Free Plan, just as before, your Facebook context menu and your subscription widgets will have the SendPulse logo on them. The main features are available with the Free Plan, but the advanced features, such as adding more than 10 variables, and using tags, are available only in paid plans.

Paid plans

If you want to send unlimited messages each month, you need to purchase one of the paid plans. As it’s difficult to predict how many messages will be sent monthly, we have based our pricing plans on the number of subscribers of your chatbot. Chatbot subscribers are Facebook users who have sent a message to your page at least once and not the number of people who follow your page.

Total chatbot subscribersPrice per month
Up to 1,000$9.85

We give individual pricing plans for users who plan to send a larger volume of messages.

Included with paid plans:

  • unlimited number of messages;
  • unlimited number of bots;
  • advanced features;
  • no SendPulse logo on your subscription widgets and Facebook menu;
  • technical support over the phone.

When will the changes happen?

We are planning to activate new pricing plans on December 9th. The new pricing plans will be applied to existing users at the beginning of their next billing cycle. For instance, if your billing cycle started on November 15th, the new plan will be applied starting on December 15th.

Date of publication:

2 Dec. 2019

Dima Shemendiuk

Product Manager at SendPulse

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