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Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns: see and learn

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an opportunity for the business community to engage a new audience, reawaken inactive subscribers, and make bank. According to statistics for 2016, revenue from online sales during these holidays exceeded the revenue from in-store purchases: $3.45 billion compared to $3 billion accordingly.

Remember what was happening in your inbox during this period last year? It is not hard to guess that it was flooded with dozens of special offers and attractive discounts. But were there any emails that really encouraged you to buy something?

Today we will guide you through simple but creative ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails. You will get inspired and learn how to develop your email campaign for the 2017 holidays.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday profile

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Usually, it’s the fifth Friday of November and is considered the unofficial start of sales for the holiday season.

Cyber Monday follows Black Friday weekend. During these days, companies delight their customers with discounts, gifts, bonuses and offers that are hard to ignore.

So get ready, as Black Friday 2017 is right around the corner. This year it comes on November 24.

Importance of taking advantage of the opportunity

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a feast of generosity from both little companies and giants in the sales market. That is the weekend both retailers and customers prepare for thoroughly. How could a right-minded shopper miss an opportunity to scoop up a needed item or the perfect present at a compelling discount?

Statistics show that sums spent for online purchases during this period are rapidly growing from year to year.

Look at these stats carefully. Aren’t these figures enough inspiration to take some time and think over your Black Friday campaign from the ground up?

Examples of Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails

Simple call to action

A Black Friday campaign aims to increase your sales. That is why all emails you send out should be on point, and with a prominent call to action (CTA).

The Lee Company uses only two CTA buttons in the newsletter pictured below: one for women and one for men. A subscriber knows what item he is interested in, and there is no need for him to overthink or spend too much time looking for it. Just one click and the sales landing page is open.

Use verbs for CTA button text: “Shop now” or “Shop sale” for example. Verbs make readers understand what to do and how to get from point A to point B.

Specify the discount’s details

What is the essential part of every sale? The discount! If a company provides discounts on the entire shop, it is enough to use simple text like “OFF everything” and some catchy pictures.

H&M offered subscribers a 20% discount on the whole collection along with free shipping.

If the discount is going to be valid for a narrow range of items, first analyze the behavior of your audience last year. Doing so, you’ll know what item or category of items was purchased more often. Then, you can make good use of these findings to develop a new Black Friday campaign.

Extend the pleasure

Surprise your audience with an extended sale, including new offers and discounts. The golden rule of marketing states that less is more. Mud Pie decided to depart from this rule and extended their Black Friday sale.

This strategy has its benefits, considering that a subscriber could have missed the Black Friday email or not had enough time to buy during the weekend. Many companies end their generous sales on Cyber Monday, so additional time will attract more customers and increase your revenue.

Catchy animation

Show the campaign’s idea with a GIF. The animated picture will attract extra attention compared to a static image. The simple animation puts spirit into an email and highlights a message. Emphasize the sales duration period and indicate its conditions as FY did.

If you have doubts whether to create animation or not, take a look at the following stats: GIF-centered emails lead to a 42% increase in click rate, 103% growth in conversion rate, and 109% rise in revenue.

A touch of humor

Conveying a message is not necessarily about very long copy. There is no need to tell how wonderful / useful / delicious / indispensable / “any qualitative adjective” your product is. Showing it is far more effective.

The email below from Chubbies stands out among other Black Friday campaigns. The email is concentrated on just one product – shorts. Or, more precisely, on schworts. By focusing on one product, the company avoids burdening subscribers with the paradox of choice.

In the ad, a man is sitting on the sofa while scarfing down the food left over after Thanksgiving. It looks funny. There is no need to use many words as the image clearly shows what the schworts are needed for, and why the schworts are so comfortable.

Say goodbye to black

Who said that the main color for Black Friday emails should be black? Marketing specialists from The White Company believe it should not. They drew inspiration from the company’s name itself and made their sale white.

Dear Miss Modern creates elaborate designs in white and pink colors for logos and branding. They could not have acted otherwise than launch the Pink Friday Sale.

Generate anticipation

Once you have planned your Black Friday offers, you can schedule your emails. Start sending newsletters once a week to arouse subscriber’s interest and create hype for the upcoming Black Friday sale.

Mud Pie embedded a timer counting down the time to the big day to get subscribers excited in anticipation of the sale. The company also launched an early sale almost three weeks out from the big event.

Email series

Statistics show that an average user receives 88 emails daily. Your newsletter can easily get lost in such a huge stream of messages. That is why one email is not enough to ensure the brand’s presence in the inbox, and it’s better to think through and launch a series of emails.

That is exactly what Loeffler Randall’s marketing specialists did.

There is also another option. You can launch a more elaborate series consisting of three emails.

  1. The first email can be a sale announcement. Make it friendly and use brisk language. Consider including only one CTA button using first-person text. As statistics show, one CTA button increases clicks up to 371% and sales up to 1671%, while first-person phrasing leads to a 90% increase in click-through rate.
  2. The second email can be a reminder of the sale start date along with a list of ideas on how to use the purchased goods. Select an eye-catching color for the CTA button, but don’t forget about the corporate style and be sure it fits the brand’s design.
  3. The third email, a concluding one, can include an announcement that the sale went live and a reminder about the sale’s time limits. Develop and embed a countdown timer in the email to create a sense of urgency, one of the most influential drivers of human behavior.

How to create a series of emails and where to find templates

The SendPulse team has also duly prepared for Black Friday and invites you to our Free Email Templates gallery. You can fully automate the campaign and create an email series.

In addition to this, you can schedule in advance the desired timeframe for the delivery to start.

Gain inspiration from the collected examples, save your time and create email campaigns with SendPulse!




Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns: see and learn
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