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Best Email Marketing Agencies 2019. Rating Results

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Best Email Marketing Agencies 2019. Rating Results

At the end of May, SendPulse launched a rating to find out the best email marketing agencies in 2019 and any interested person could vote for the agency they considered the best for the whole month.

Now the voting is closed and we are ready to reveal our winners.

Why did we launch this rating?

The rating was meant to reveal the best players in this niche and help our customers choose digital marketing professionals for their projects. The email marketing agencies, for their part, had a chance to promote themselves and gain new customers.

How did we choose the best email marketing agencies?

The rating of the best email marketing agencies 2019 proceeded in two phases:

Phase 1. We published the list of participants on SendPulse Blog and anyone interested could vote for the agencies they consider the best. The post also included a Google form so that anyone could submit their candidacy by filling it out until June 21.

Phase 2. On June 27, we’ve closed the voting and are now publishing the final rating of top email marketing agencies that have been rated the highest.

Five best email marketing agencies 2019

Based on the votes from our readers, we’ve arranged the list of TOP-5 email marketing agencies.

Email Uplers, 127 votes

winner of the best email marketing agencies rating

Specializes in designing and coding pixel-perfect email templates and landing pages.

Email marketing services the agency offers:

  • custom design and coding;
  • PSD to email HTML;
  • email template design audit;
  • email marketing audit and strategy;
  • email campaign management;
  • email automation setup.

Some of their clients: Disney, National Geographic, 21st Century Fox, Ogilvy, Netexpo.

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InboxArmy, 105 votes

runner-up of the best email marketing agencies rating

Offers targeted email marketing solutions to deliver quality service, production, and support for businesses worldwide.

Email marketing services the agency offers:

  • custom email template design and coding;
  • email campaign setup and deployment;
  • email campaign management;
  • email marketing planning and strategy;
  • email marketing audit;
  • email automation.

Some of their clients: Wine Enthusiast, Digicel, Viverae, ENECON.

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Inbox Group, LLC, 88 votes

third place in the best email marketing agencies rating

Offers custom email template creation, allowing you to trust the professionals with creating a unique, branded template that reflects your company and keeps your branding consistent from your website to your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing services the agency provides:

  • email marketing strategy and consulting;
  • email campaign creation and implementation;
  • custom template design and coding;
  • email marketing audit;
  • integration of email marketing with different applications;
  • ESP selection;
  • email marketing automation;
  • email campaign management.

Some of their clients: Hasbro, Universal, TORO, airbnb, AVATAR, ebay, Jockey, P&G, Spotify.

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MailBakery, 57 votes

participant of the best email marketing agencies rating

Specializes in designing and coding custom HTML emails for various ESPs.

Email marketing services the agency offers:

  • email design and coding;
  • email design facelift and adjustments;
  • HTML code optimization of existing email templates;
  • integration with different ESPs.

Some of their clients: YouTube, TrustSpot, Rare, Teespring, Shopkick, Apache, Blue Apron.

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BigWing, 50 votes

participant of the best email marketing agencies rating

Offers a wide range of services and sales tools to help businesses reach customers online.

Email marketing services the agency provides:

  • email template design;
  • custom email marketing strategies;
  • mailing list verification, building, and regular maintenance;
  • in-depth reporting.

Some of their clients: Kirby’s Steakhouse, Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant, INTEGRIS Health.

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Meet other participants of the best email marketing agencies rating:

  • 1973 Ltd — smart strategists, digital specialists, branding experts, campaign creatives, and email fanatics that provide end-to-end marketing for both small and big businesses;
  • Promodo — creates and implements online marketing strategies that drive businesses growth;
  • Bluetent — offers digital solutions for large and small travel and tourism businesses;
  • BrightWave — creates data-driven, beautiful, and functional conversations that enhance the customer experience and surpass the KPIs;
  • obo.Agency — knows how to connect businesses with high-value prospects and convert those leads using proven marketing and sales tactics;
  • Whereoware — builds personalized websites and intuitive mobile applications, creates award-winning emails, and gets huge results with data integrations;
  • eFocus Marketing — helps eCommerce companies optimize, automate, and grow their email marketing program;
  • Cibirix — helps big and small businesses across the globe increase their visibility and grow their revenue online;
  • Rise Interactive — helps clients shift marketing investments fluidly and effectively, while delivering the most relevant experiences for their customers;
  • Prospectr Marketing — specializes in email marketing and market to prospects both domestically and internationally;
  • Trendline — provides email consulting and professional services for Fortune 1000 companies;
  • Incite Response — develops a secure and comprehensive leading-edge digital marketing footprint for hotels, resorts, and luxury inns;
  • Square 2 Marketing — helps customers build strong relationships with their clients using a scientific approach to marketing, sales, and customer engagement;
  • Subtext — helps businesses achieve success through user experience, visual design, and technical development;
  • Kwok Design — specializes in responsive web design, WordPress web development, SEO, email marketing, and social media management;
  • MH Digital Consulting Group — digital marketing strategists and technologists enabling businesses to focus on telling their story to customers.

We thank everybody for participating and voting!

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27 Jun. 2019

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