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10+ Best Content Marketing Tools for 2023 and Beyond

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10+ Best Content Marketing Tools for 2023 and Beyond

Every business is out to increase engagement with its target audience by providing exciting content that appeals to their market demographic. Apart from that, companies have to continually assess how their content marketing strategies are doing within industry standards. Luckily, there are various content marketing tools that can help brands cope with these tasks. In this post, we’ll outline the top 10+ of them, but first let’s clear up some content marketing basics.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way of organizing, developing, distributing, sharing, and publishing content to reach a brand’s target audience. This strategy enables businesses to increase brand awareness, blow up sales, connect with the market, and engage both potential and existing customers.

What is content marketing primarily used for?

Content marketing is mainly used for reaching the target market and converting leads, thereby increasing brand recognition. Other than that, content marketing helps companies to

  • educate leads and potential customers about the goods and services the brand offers;
  • develop strong relationships with customers;
  • build customer loyalty;
  • connect with the market and show customers how the company’s products or services address their challenges;
  • develop a sense of community around the brand.

So now when we’re done with the basics, let’s move on to the top-rated tools you can use to get the most out of your content marketing strategy.

The list of content marketing tools


Pricing: You can send up to 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers monthly for free. For more features and larger contact lists, prices start from $6.40/month. Alternatively, you can choose to pay as you go or select the VIP plan. If you have less than 10,000 web push subscribers, you can send them notifications for free.

SendPulse is a cloud-based multichannel marketing platform that helps you promote your content via email, SMS, push notifications, and chatbot campaigns. You don’t need to know HTML to design stunning email templates as the service offers more than 130 email templates divided into several categories. Users can personalize, segment, and automate campaign sending for better performance.

SendPulse is best suited for small businesses and internet marketers who wish to increase their online presence and nurture relationships with customers.

Here are a couple of SendPulse features:

  • customizable subscription forms;
  • email drag and drop editor;
  • marketing automation;
  • mailing list segmentation;
  • A/B testing.

See an email campaign created in SendPulse drag and drop editor:

email campaign
An example of an email campaign created with SendPulse

Pricing: WriterBuddy offers a free forever package, granting users 2,000 free monthly credits to get acquainted with the content writing platform. They offer lots of free AI writing tools that anyone can try. In this pricing model, one credit equals one word. As your content needs evolve, you can seamlessly upgrade to the $29/month basic plan with 15,000 credits or $49/ month for 50,000 credits. If you need unlimited credits, subscribe to the $97/month plan.

WriterBuddy is an online AI content writing platform designed for everyone who needs content — from bloggers and social media enthusiasts to professional copywriters and digital marketers. The AI writing tool churns out unique content in seconds, making it ideal for those juggling multiple projects or facing tight deadlines.

Its 40+ templates provide a framework for writing blog posts, emails, product descriptions, ad copy, and social media posts. It also has templates for writing compelling CTAs, headlines, article intros, hooks, and more. So, you don’t need to create a new AI prompt from scratch whenever you need content. Depending on the template, you’ll have a section to fill out a post’s title, description, target keywords, tone, language, and number of outputs.

If you’re a small business owner looking to scale your content or a large enterprise aiming for mass content production, WriterBuddy will help.

Here are some key features that content marketers will appreciate:

  • Article Writer Pro to craft long-form, unique articles in minutes;
  • SEO Meta Tag Generator to optimize your web pages with SEO titles and meta descriptions;
  • Email Writer and Abandoned Cart Email Generator for creating compelling email campaigns in minutes;
  • Product Description Generator to craft detailed and enticing product descriptions that captivate potential buyers, improving conversion rates for eCommerce platforms;
  • LinkedIn Post, Tweet, and Instagram Caption Generators to repurpose your blog posts for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter in seconds.

Here’s what the WriterBuddy user dashboard looks like:

WriterBuddy’s dashboard


Pricing: Pro for $79/month, Plus for $139/month, Large for $239/month, and Enterprise for $499/month. A free 7-day trial is available for each plan mentioned above.

BuzzSumo is a service that helps marketers identify the topics that are trending in their industry. Moreover, it helps businesses find the right influencers in their niche to market their content to.

Among the main BuzzSumo features are the following:

  • Content Discovery that can help you discover the most shared and trending content by its type, time period, social network, domain, and author;
  • Content Curation that allows users to share content, find it by a specific topic, get alerts whenever a particular author publishes new content, review content shared by top influencers, and so on;
  • Content Insights that let you dive deep into content analysis — run reports for particular topics, analyze content by its types, length, headlines, day published, and network;
  • Content Research and Organizing that allows you to identify the most shared content within different time periods, discover the average shares on the necessary network, run detailed content research, find out which content types perform better, and many more;
  • Competitor Research that can help you discover your competitors’ most shared content and those who share it, receive alerts whenever your competitors come up with new content, get reports on competitor content performance, or compare them with your content performance reports;
  • Brand Monitoring that enables you to get alerts for any brand, topic, keywords, or when your competitors publish new content;
  • Influencer Marketing that lets you find, analyze, and follow influencers to promote your content for free;
  • Question Analyzer that can help you create content that answers the most popular questions.

Check out the variety of options available at BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo interface

User dashboard on BuzzSumo


Pricing: Serpstat offers a Free plan and free 7-day access. Additionally, users can choose from the Lite plan priced at $69/month, Standard at $149/month, Advanced at $299/month, and Enterprise at $499/month.

AI Content Tools from Serpstat is a marketing tool designed to assist marketers in creating content aligned with their marketing objectives. With this tool, marketing experts can generate meta tags, articles, and FAQ sections, paraphrase the text, check grammar and spelling, export text from YouTube videos, and more. By handling diverse content tasks, Serpstat empowers business owners to concentrate on critical aspects such as marketing strategy, accelerate and optimize their work with content creation and solve their tasks using one platform.

Here are some of the key features offered by Serpstat:

  • AI Content Tools;
  • Keyword Research;
  • Keyword Clustering;
  • Rank Tracking;
  • Backlink Analysis;
  • Website SEO Audit;
  • PPC Analysis;
  • Competitor Analysis;
  • Batch Analysis.

And here’s how Serpstat’s tool helps you check if a text contains AI-generated content:

real content to the fake content
You get the percentage of the real content to the fake content


Pricing: Basic for free, Premium for $9.99/month, and Business for $14.99/month. Although the free plan is limited, you may clip anywhere on the internet, access one account from two devices as well as share and discuss notes with your co-workers. A free trial is available within both pricing plans.

Evernote helps marketers to brainstorm ideas for future content, make notes in any convenient format, manage projects, and collaborate with the team from wherever you are. It can be synchronized on all devices, and it is a perfect place to save all information collected from various sources.

Here are some useful Evernote’s features:

  • Web Clipper that enables you to save any kind of useful information you find on the internet to your Evernote account;
  • Templates that allows you to make great notes with customizable templates;
  • Notes Sync that lets you take notes on the go;
  • PDF and Doc Search that allows searching for information from whenever you are with the help of advanced options;
  • Search Handwriting that captures all your handwritten notes;
  • Document Scanning that lets you keep and use all the important papers whenever you need them.

Here’s what the process of creating a note looks like:

evernote interface
Creating a note with Evernote


Pricing: Free with limited functionality, Premium Monthly at $29.95/month, Quarterly at $19.98/month, or Annually at $11.66/month.

This tool is best suited for content marketers, bloggers, and business professionals who wish to draft accurate text content. Not only the service helps you simplify your writing but also checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, plagiarism, and more. You can use it as an app or a browser extension. It can proofread content on MS Word, LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, Messenger, WordPress, and a variety of other platforms.

Take a closer look at the benefits of using Grammarly for business, school, and personal purposes, and get 20% off all individual plans with an exclusive discount code.

The main features you will find on Grammarly include:

  • grammar, punctuation, and spelling proofreading;
  • conciseness and sentence structure check;
  • plagiarism check;
  • vocabulary enhancement;
  • writing style check;
  • writing suggestions based on your audience and goals.

Take a look at a copy fragment checked with Grammarly:

grammarly interface
A piece of text checked with Grammarly


Pricing: Free with limited features, Pro plan for $12.95/month or $9.95/month if you go with the annual plan. The tool also offers a free 30-day trial.

Canva is a design solution that bloggers and content marketers can use to create custom images quickly. It is ideal for individuals and businesses that don’t have knowledge of graphic design. You can choose a template from different categories including presentation, social media, poster, Facebook post, Ad, Instagram post, email header, book cover, and many more. You can print, download, or share your design on social media.

Some Canva features include:

  • drag and drop tool which enables you to edit templates without knowing HTML;
  • creating grids and frames;
  • image enhancing, cropping, and straightening;
  • adding custom text to images;
  • crafting static, dynamic, and interactive banners;
  • heatmap to find out how users interact with your ads.

Here’s how user dashboard on Canva looks:

canva interface
User dashboard on Canva


Pricing: It starts at $90/month for a team plan, $225/month for an agency plan, and $750/month for a custom plan. A 14-day trial is available within all pricing plans.

StoryChief helps B2B marketing teams and content agencies to centralize their whole content marketing process from content creation, collaboration, to content distribution. StoryChief allows you to connect with all your favorite platforms natively or through a Zapier connection.

Some of the StoryChief’s useful features include:

  • content calendar that allows you to set content deadlines and schedule content to go out ahead of time;
  • Campaigns feature that you can use to set up fully fledged content campaigns around a certain topic or keyword;
  • collaborative workspace where you can work together with your team, add comments, revisions, or requests for approvals before your content goes out;
  • Insights feature that allows you to track the performance of your content.

Here’s how the interface of StoryChief looks:

content marketing tool StoryChief
StoryChief dashboard

Design Wizard

Pricing: Free with some features, Pro plan for $9.99/month, and Business plan for $49.99/month. You can also try a one-week free trial of the Pro plan.

With Design Wizard, design just gets easy. You can create impressive videos and image designs in minutes with this easy to use software. The free features of the plan allow you to resize your designs, add text and shapes to images, and create custom color palettes. The library holds over one million premium images and thousands of high-quality videos. Every video and image has also been licensed for commercial use.

Additional features on the Pro plan allows you to:

  • upload your own images;
  • upload custom fonts;
  • share directly to social media.

The Business plan gives you unlimited standard video downloads. There is also one free premium HD video included, with the ability to upload your own videos, add text to videos, and add images and logos to videos. MP4 video downloads, animated text templates, priority customer support, and an account manager are also included.

Here’s how the interface of Design Wizard looks:

design wizard content marketing tool
Interface of Design Wizard


Pricing: The app offers a forever free plan with 5 calculators and 500 impressions per month. And for more features and impressions you can upgrade to one of the three plans: Light at $6/month, Regular at $17/month, and Bold at $55/month. There’s also a 14-day trial to try all the premium features for free.

Calconic is a powerful web calculator builder to help you create custom calculators and add them to your website without any programming knowledge.

Use interactive calculators to simplify your product or service pricing, improve your user experience, generate leads, grow your mailing list, and do much more. Have your visitor come to your website, fill a few fields, pull a slider, and get personalized answers about your product or service price, quantity, ROI, and much more even if it depends on many conditions. There’s no need to call the consultant!

Among the key Calconic features are:

  • big template library;
  • easy embed to any website builder;
  • lead generation forms;
  • collection of orders and payments;
  • email results;
  • integration with Shopify checkout.

Check out the calculator created with Calconic calculator builder:

calconic content marketing tool
An example of a calculator created with Calconic


Pricing: Free plan is available. Besides, the service offers Pro plan at $99.95/month, Guru at $199.95/month, Business at $399.95/month, and Enterprise at custom pricing.

SEMrush is a content marketing tool that allows marketers to develop content according to their marketing objectives. Marketing experts can use this tool for content audit, research, distribution, and measurement of content performance. Moreover, they can leverage the provided data to make quick decisions that ensure effective business. By handling various content tasks, it allows business owners to focus on essentials such as marketing strategy and innovations.

Below are some of the features SEMrush offers:

  • keyword research;
  • position tracking;
  • advertising research;
  • competitors’ rankings;
  • crawl audit tool;
  • display advertising tool;
  • product listing ads.

Check out how SEMrush topic research works:

semrush interface
SEMrush dashboard


Pricing: Free 14-day plan with limited functionality to help users get an idea of what the tool can do. There are also four paid plans: Pro comes at $49/month, Small at $99/month, Medium at $199/month, and Large at $299/month.

ContentStudio is a multi-use social media management software that works best for analyzing content, managing several social media networks, scheduling new posts, evaluating performance, and cooperating between marketing team members. The service offers an array of features for content discovery, publishing, organizing, analytics, and automation to assist marketers in working and cooperating.

With ContentStudio, these are the features you can access:

  • social media analytics;
  • content discovery;
  • actionable insights;
  • multiple channel creator and publisher;
  • centralized content planner;
  • content sharing automation.

Take a look at how ContentStudio works:

User dashboard on ContentStudio


Pricing: With Outgrow, users can start with a 7-day free trial. After that, they can upgrade to one of four paid plans: Freelancer for Quizzes at $14/month, Freelancer at $25/month, Essentials at $95/month, and Business at $600/month.

Outgrow is a content marketing tool that helps business owners create calculators, customized recommendations, queries, and polls fast. This tool helps marketers identify, qualify, and engage prospects and leads effectively. For example, instead of a “Contact Me” button on a firm’s website, a “This is how much you save with us” calculator can be used.

Here are some of the Outgrow content marketing features:

  • smart builder for fast creation of questions;
  • formula builder;
  • engaging charts and graphs;
  • integrations with 1,500+ apps through Zapier.

Below is a user dashboard on Outgrow. Here you need to select a content type you want to create and get started. The service offers ready-made forms to save your time.

outgrow interface
User dashboard on Outgrow

Pricing: Free with limited functionality, Creator for $39/month or $29/month if choosing an annual plan, Business for $79/month or $99/month if choosing an annual plan. makes it easy for content marketing managers to meet the soaring demand for video content. Videos serve to enhance the user experience for the majority of people who prefer watching over reading and bring SEO benefits to your site. platform unifies online editing toolkit and cloud-based video hosting solution and allows to create and distribute videos on webpages, blogs, emails, and social media platforms. has a very intuitive interface and offers a rich library of pre-designed templates, which makes it easy for non-designers to create professional-looking videos. top features include:

  • access to over 400 million stock videos, images, and tunes;
  • full set of editing features: trim, drag-and-drop, transitions, color control, stickers, and GIFs;
  • in-place text editor with animation effects;
  • ad-free video hosting with customizable player;
  • ability to update videos after embedding;
  • folders to organize your work.

Here’s how the interface of looks: interface dashboard


Pricing: Free with limited functionality, Starter at $19/month, Premium at $49/month, Business at $149/month, and Enterprise with a custom pricing.

Lumen5 is a video creation tool meant for businesses that want to create content for boosting engagement with prospects and customers online. It enables marketers without any experience or training to quickly create captivating videos. All video solutions provided by Lumen5 are driven by artificial intelligence.

Here are the features users get when using Lumen5:

  • text-to-video converter;
  • automated workflow;
  • media library;
  • many branding options;
  • optimizable video formats.

Below is a screenshot of the Lumen5 interface when creating a video story flow:

lumen5 interface
Creating a video story flow with Lumen5

Preferred Patron Loyalty

Price: Small Biz at $99/month, Premium at $189/month, and Premium plus at $269/month. These prices are valid if you bill annually, and they are slightly higher if you proceed with monthly payments.

Preferred Patron Loyalty is a content marketing tool that enables business owners to launch their loyalty programs. It helps them create effective rewarding programs, build incentive campaigns, and support multiple channel communication on auto mode. Basically, the tool lets companies identify customers who want to purchase some goods and those who simply visit the website.

Here’s what users get from Preferred Patron Loyalty:

  • assisted campaign creation;
  • various promotion templates;
  • advanced branding options;
  • multi-channel communication ability;
  • automatic program transitions;
  • social media sharing options.

Below is a screenshot of a user dashboard on Preferred Patron Loyalty:

Preferred Patron Loyalty interface
User dashboard on Preferred Patron Loyalty


Content is an integral part of marketing strategy and business promotion. By investing in the right tools, you can effectively communicate with your target audience and achieve your goals faster. Promote your business with these content marketing tools!

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