No matter what kind of business you’re running, we bet, a big part of your workflow gets done online, right in your browser. Chrome fairly dominates among browsers with 62% of the world’s browser market share mainly due to its simple design and endless number of extensions for all tastes and needs.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best Chrome extensions for business, which will come in handy for improving both your marketing and personal productivity.

SEO Chrome extensions


555k users

With MozBar, you can create custom searches by country, region, or city and highlight the main keywords on the page. On top of that, for any page you’re viewing, you can check the following:

  • Page Authority — a score which shows how well a particular page ranks on SERP.
  • Domain Authority — a score which shows how well a website ranks on SERP.
  • Types of links — followed or no-followed, external or internal.
seo chrome extension
Page and Domain Authority identified by MozBar extension


506k users

This tool provides you with detailed SEO reports for a particular page and allows to view the main metrics and analysis of search engine result pages (SERP), check the keyword difficulty, identify the stop word list, and set custom parameters.

Since the following tool was developed by SEMRush, you’ll have to link the extension with your service’s account to get a full SEO audit of a webpage.

seo chrome extension
Number of referring domains, links, and ISPs identified by SEOquake extension

Check My Links

178k users

With this extension, you can check the links on the web page and find the invalid ones. After the check, you’ll be able to see the total number of valid links, redirecting links that work properly, and the number of links which don’t work at all.

seo chrome extension
Check My Links extension report

Chrome extensions for email marketing


1.1 million users

The following extension notifies the sender when the emails were opened in three ways:

  1. By sending a web push notification.
chrome extension for email marketing
A web push notification from Mailtrack
  1. With an incoming email.
chrome extension for email marketing
A notification email from Mailtrack
  1. By marking the opened emails with two ticks.
chrome extension for email marketing
Mailtrack notification in the “Sent” folder

Auto Text Expander

182k users

Use this extension to make custom shortcuts for email addresses or phrases you often use. Install Auto Text Expander, create the keyboard shortcuts you need, and save the changes. The extension will sync your creations across Chrome browser and replace the sequence of letters with the corresponding text.

chrome extension for email marketing
Creating shortcuts with Auto Text Expander

And this is how the extension works while you’re typing your email using shortcuts:

chrome extension for email marketing
Using shortcuts created with Auto Text Expander extension

Snovio Email Finder

58k users

Using this tool, you can find email addresses on any website in a heartbeat. Snovio email finder also has a built-in verifier, so you can avoid sending your messages to invalid email addresses. Click the extension icon in the toolbar and you’ll get all emails connected with the page.

chrome extension for email marketing
List of emails found by Snovio Email Finder extension

Chrome extensions for social media

Save to Facebook

2.3 million users

This extension allows you to save any information you find around the web on Facebook. This makes your Facebook page the universal storage for the content you discovered and found useful. Just hit the extension icon and your content will be available on any device within the “Saved” bookmark on Facebook.

chrome extension for social media
Bookmarks created with Save to Facebook extension


427k users

Use Bitly to shorten the links and optimize them for further sharing. Log in to your Bitly account to track the number of link click-throughs and share the links to Twitter or Facebook right from the extension window.

Click the extension icon, copy the offered link and title or think of your own title, and write it in the corresponding field.

chrome extension for social media
A shortened link provided by Bitly extension


22k users

This extension offers hashtag suggestions for articles or images on any website. Click any image or select any text on the page to get the suggestions for the hashtag. Make your choice based on the color of the offered hashtags:

  • Green — high chances to get seen.
  • Red — low chances to get seen as the hashtag is used too often.
  • Blue — medium chances to get seen.
  • Grey — almost zero chances to get seen.

While on the necessary page, type the hashtag and wait for the suggestions from the extension.

chrome extension for social media
Hashtag suggestions from RiteTag extension


20k users

BuzzSumo shows how users interact with your content outlining the number of shares your content gets across different social media platforms. To access the number of Twitter sharers, you need to create a BuzzSumo account.

chrome extension for social media
BuzzSumo extension results

Chrome extensions for personal productivity


725k users

The following extension will limit the non-productive time you spend on the websites that are not connected with your work. Set your active days and hours, list the allowed as well as unwanted websites, and decide on the preferable time to browse the latter. After the predefined time is up, the extension will block the access to those pages for the rest of the day.

chrome extension for personal productivity
StayFocusd extension settings


643k users

With the following extension, you’ll be able to manage your tasks and monitor your productivity throughout the day. Create custom to-do lists, plan your goals, and tick everything you complete during the working day. Todoist also allows you to save the content you find on the web as tasks for further reading.

chrome extension for personal productivity
List of tasks created with Todoist extension

Extension Manager

48k users

This tool comes in handy if you want to manage the extensions you have already installed. Use it to group most frequently used extensions together or sort them by name or functions.

chrome extension for personal productivity
Tools grouped with Extension Manager

SendPulse has forearmed you with a list of the best Chrome extensions for business that will relieve your routine tasks and speed up your marketing workflow. Give them a try and share other extensions you find useful in the comments below. See you soon!

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