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How to Increase Open Rates to 60% with the Artificial Intelligence system – SendPulse’s Clever Decision

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How to Increase Open Rates to 60% with the Artificial Intelligence system – SendPulse’s Clever Decision

Picture by Philippe Put on FlickrProfessional marketers probably know that stably high open rates demand a lot of effort and creativity. The strategy to improve open rates usually includes individual content for every subscriber segment, creating a catchy and meaningful email title, regular A/B testing, and some other tactics that work surprisingly well as a whole.But what would you say if an email service provider can increase your open rates in addition to your own efforts?Nowadays, artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic literature concept and has successfully infiltrated our everyday lives. SendPulse has implemented artificial intelligence technology and allows their clients to reach open rates of at least 60% for newsletters. Let’s talk in detail about the functioning of SendPulse’s artificial intelligence feature and the advantages it provides.

How does timing influence open rates?

Many email marketers believe that there are a perfect day and time to send emails that deliver the highest level of open rates. Many popular email provider services conducted similar research on that subject. General results show that subscribers are most active in their email inboxes on Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the open rates are just as high.According to statistics, the best time to send email campaigns is at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.There is a definite logic behind this because some people tend to check their emails while lying in bed. Other people read their emails once at work, or during lunch time, or at home before going to sleep. This data surely makes sense. The problems appear when it comes to practice.In reality, to define the best time to send emails for any business is difficult. You would need to send several emails to analyse the statistics, use different tactics to improve open rates, and regularly conduct A/B tests, etc.SendPulse’s artificial intelligence technology lets users choose the right time for the best open rates as well as deliver the email at times when subscribers usually check their email inbox. It is impossible to do it manually.

Principles of SendPulse’s artificial intelligence functioning

SendPulse’s artificial intelligence technology analyzes subscribers’ behaviours. It identifies the usual time for a subscriber to open emails based on previously sent email statistics, and sends it right then.sendpulse AIArtificial intelligence also helps to send follow-up emails to unopened messages by changing the email’s title and “smart” choosing communication channels – emails or web push notifications.

How does the timing work?

If you have already sent newsletters to subscribers via an email service provider, you can see the time they usually check their emails. SendPulse’s AI system works most effectively if there are statistics from the last 10 campaigns for a specific recipient.Then the system will be able to define when the subscriber checks their email inbox and send them a newsletter right at that time.Best time to send emailsTo send emails with the help of AI, choose the option “Send at best time for every subscriber with SendPulse AI”. In this case, the newsletter will be sent gradually within 24 hours.

Follow-up to unopened emails

SendPulse has an automatic follow-up option to unopened messages by changing the email’s title. Subscribers who did not open the first newsletter will receive it again. Due to the different title, the email will seem to be a new one in email inboxes. Let’s consider the following example:The company Meest America Inc. specialises in delivering goods from the United States to Eastern European countries. They have increased their open rates to 57% and their click-through rates to 60% with the help of SendPulse’s option to follow up with unopened messages.During the first and second mailing, the email was the same. See it below.Meest EmailThe title of the main newsletter was “Shopping Assistance.” The title of the resent newsletter was changed a little to “Shopping Assistance IS BACK” so that the email did not look like the copy of the previous one.AI MeestYou can see the results in the email statistics below: open rate is +57% and click-through rate is +60%.

Channel automatic selection: email or web push

SendPulse gives users several channels to connect the recipients, and this is what differentiates the service from others. Additional channels are SMS and web push notifications.With the help of AI, SendPulse’s ‘resend to unopened messages’ feature also has the option to automatically select a communication channel.Users who have subscribed to your email newsletter and web push notifications will receive either a web push or an email depending on the system’s decision of an optimal channel.pic2_enApart from automatically selecting a channel to resend unopened messages, SendPulse also provides multilevel chains of trigger emails where the emails, web push notifications, and SMS messages will be combined.

To sum up

The classic methods of improving open rates, such as segmenting address lists, content personalization, and creative email titles, work well and are verified by many marketers. SendPulse’s AI system will complement greatly to these traditional methods of open rate perfection.Register with SendPulse for free to send better newsletters!

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June 13, 2017

Svitlana Maksymova

SendPulse Editor

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