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10 AI Marketing Tools Beyond ChatGPT to Try in 2024

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10 AI Marketing Tools Beyond ChatGPT to Try in 2024

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm, and marketers can and should use it to their advantage. If you’re still skeptical about AI, the following list will make you change your mind and try something new.

Today’s AI-powered tools can become your personal assistants to whom you can outsource most of the routine work — sentiment analysis, social media scheduling, content generation, customer support, and more. At the same time, you, as a marketer, will still have the upper hand, controlling the quality of the outcome and fine-tuning the processes.

Here they are, ten AI marketing platforms you didn’t know you needed. You’ll learn about each tool’s key features, use cases, and pricing plans. This post will cover powerful AI tools for email, SEO, social media, messengers, and other marketing channels.

AI marketing tool #1. SendPulse

SendPulse is an all-in-one marketing and sales automation solution, including an email service, chatbot builder, landing page builder, CRM, and more. Recently, the platform has gotten a few AI-powered features up its sleeve.

For instance, you can now create a conversational chatbot and integrate it with ChatGPT. This will allow your bot to give more detailed and relevant responses. You can decide which topics you want your bot to discuss and what kind of tone and language it should use. This enables you to make a realistic-sounding, life-like chatbot persona your users will enjoy talking to.

AI-powered chatbot
Creating an AI-powered chatbot with SendPulse

Integrations with OpenAI tools can also help you process voice messages from your customers and generate custom images to help them visualize their requests. This is especially useful for small businesses that produce high-value, made-to-order pieces.

Moreover, AI can help you create entire chatbot flows and template messages directly in SendPulse.

bot flow
Creating a flow using AI in SendPulse

Use text prompts to explain what’s expected from your bot, wait a few moments, and edit the result if needed. This feature will drastically speed up your bot creation process.

The website builder by SendPulse is also equipped with an AI writing assistant. It can instantaneously rewrite, translate, shorten, extend, or proofread your text. This way, you won’t have to spend hours brainstorming or double-checking your website content before launch.

AI writing assistant
Using AI writing assistance in SendPulse

Pricing: The AI features are available on paid plans, which start at $7 a month, but you can try them for free during the 7-day free trial.

You can get started with a free account now. No credit card required. Upgrade when or if you need it.

AI marketing tool #2. Notion AI

Notion AI is a powerful addition to Notion, the beloved workspace solution. It’s a built-in AI assistant that can help you stay in the loop, manage your agenda, brainstorm, write better texts, and make sense of chaotic documents and databases. Think of it as your own virtual secretary who’s always right there when you need them.

For instance, Notion AI can run through a document, sales call record, or meeting notes and provide you with a quick summary. If you ask it what a certain team is up to, it’ll give you a quick update along with a timeline. The add-on can pull information from your wikis, projects, and docs, so its answers will be 100% accurate and factual.

AI add-on
Notion AI add-on for smoother workflows; source: Notion

This is a template-based tool, and it can be employed for any work-related or personal task, from candidate outreach to weekly meal prep. Currently, there are 129 templates, some of which are paid, while others can be used for free.

Pricing: Notion itself has a basic free plan. More advanced pricing plans start at $10 a month. As a Notion user, you’ll get a certain quantity of AI responses for free, depending on your team size. To unlock unlimited use of AI, you’ll need to purchase a Notion AI add-on subscription for $8 per member per month, billed annually.

AI marketing tool #3. Clearscope

Clearscope has become a go-to SEO tool for many content marketers for a reason. It uses AI to identify search intent, analyze and optimize content, and suggest relevant keywords, terms, and minor improvements for better readability.

In a nutshell, Clearscope accompanies you all the way from content ideation and drafting to the final stages of writing and publishing the piece. This AI marketing platform takes all of the mundane research work out of the equation, leaving you with crystal-clear suggestions and actionable insights.

Using Clearscope
Using Clearscope as an AI marketing tool; source: Clearscope

Clearscope is available both as a Google Docs add-on and a WordPress plugin, making it ridiculously easy to optimize content on the go without leaving your favorite CMS or document editor.

Pricing: The software doesn’t have a free plan, but you can request a demo. The pricing plans start at $170 a month.

AI marketing tool #4. Jasper

Jasper is on everyone’s lips right now, and it’s not surprising. Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper is a more niche, marketing-oriented solution that is intended to anticipate and cover all common content marketing needs. Whether you need a blog post, newsletter, Instagram caption, Google ad, or landing page, this AI content marketing tool got you covered.

There are a few ways of working with Jasper. Firstly, the software has 50+ templates for different content types and formats — you can rely on those to get a guaranteed result. Secondly, you can give Jasper prompts or commands to get a more tailored piece.

Jasper’s templates
Jasper’s templates for content generation

To get more control over the outcome, feed Jasper information about your company, desired tone of voice, and style. You can collaborate with your teammates by working on the same document in real time. Jasper can also assist you in creating visuals, project management, internal communication, content repackaging, and SEO.

Pricing: Since this is more of an enterprise tool, the prices are quite steep but understandable. The most basic plan with one user seat costs $39/mo, billed annually. You can test Jasper for seven days for free.

AI marketing tool #5. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI video generation platform for marketing, sales, HR, and customer service teams. This is a highly specialized solution for creating engaging promotional, educational, and training talking-head videos at scale.

Synthesia is a lifesaver for those who want to up their video marketing game but are camera-shy. It generates hyper-realistic avatars with natural-sounding AI voices in over 120 languages. Moreover, you can create an avatar of yourself — your digital twin — and clone your own voice. The built-in AI also helps you generate your script with the help of text prompts, so you won’t get stuck at any step of the process.

video generation
Synthesia, an AI marketing tool for video generation; source: Synthesia

You can customize your video to make sure it grabs attention and aligns with your brand. Synthesia makes it easy to collaborate with teammates by leaving comments on the video in progress. You can download, embed, or share your new video on social media.

This AI marketing platform is brand-new and can still be a bit rough around the edges, but the core idea of the platform is highly promising as it democratizes video creation and enables marketers to move away from lifeless and outdated whiteboard explainers.

Pricing: Synthesia’s pricing plans start at $22 a month, billed yearly. The software doesn’t have a free plan, but you can request a demo to see if it’s a good fit.

AI marketing tool #6. Flick

Flick is a social media marketing platform with a handful of AI features. The software covers copywriting, scheduling, promotion, and analytics needs. It helps creators and influencers find niche hashtags, generate captions, plan their content, and more.

Flick’s AI Assistant is a strong addition to the platform — it’s created to simplify a content manager’s job even more, allowing them to focus on the creative and fun parts of their job and automate the rest.

caption generation
Flick AI for caption generation; source: G2

You can rely on the AI Assistant to generate captions for pretty much anything, from informational posts to goofy TikToks. It also suggests niche content ideas based on your prompts. The AI is also good at writing, refreshing, and repurposing content. The best part is that you can fine-tune the AI caption generation to make sure they sound like you.

Pricing: All Flick’s plans have a 7-day free trial. The cheapest plan with one user seat and four channels costs $14 a month, billed yearly.

AI marketing tool #7. Frase

Frase is a worthy competitor to both Clearscope and Jasper. When it comes to SEO content optimization and AI writing, its opportunities are limitless. Frase also encourages collaboration, allowing you and your team to use the same in-product tools and instantly share your progress.

Firstly, Frase helps with keyword research, competitor analysis, and outline curation. It looks at the top-performing SERP results and gives you tons of ideas on how to structure your piece.

Then, it generates unique SERP-inspired content in a controlled way — you can request a catchy blog intro, a landing page, a FAQ section, etc.

AI writing templates
Frase includes a variety of AI writing templates

This AI content marketing tool covers pretty much all common copywriting formulas, and you can control how the outcome sounds, too. You can also feed it your existing content to identify missed keyword opportunities and get a better idea of your competitors’ keyword strategy.

Pricing: When it comes to pricing, Frase offers a variety of plans for solo users as well as agencies. The most affordable plan costs $14.99 a month, paid monthly.

AI marketing tool #8. Publer

Publer is a social media management tool with a generous sprinkle of AI. It’s designed to help marketers and bloggers effectively manage their social media presence. For starters, Publer offers scheduling across various platforms. You get to carefully plan, curate, and preview your content to ensure the optimal look and engagement.

The service enables bulk scheduling, content recycling, campaign tracking, and in-app media asset management. Collaboration features are also present, allowing team members to work together on campaigns and content creation.

Publer’s AI features assist you at every step of your social media management journey. The AI can generate relevant content topics, repurpose your existing assets, seamlessly translate your posts into other languages, and personalize pieces of content to fit your brand persona.

Publer lets you complete your text or generate a new copy for your post

The AI Assist feature also comes in handy when you’re in need of unique visuals — its image generation capabilities are powered by DALL-E 3. You can even reply to subscribers’ comments with the AI to maintain conversations with them around the clock.

Pricing: Publer has a few basic, always-free tools. There’s also a limited free-forever plan supporting three channels. The next cheapest plan costs $12 a month, billed monthly.

AI marketing tool #9. is an AI-powered tool for paid advertising. With it, you can generate countless conversion-focused creatives on the go, test them, identify the winners, and boost your conversions.

This is a high-precision solution — the machine learning model behind it is being trained on high-ROI, up-to-date creatives daily. The AI analyzes over 80 data points per image, which leads to banners and posts that always hit the mark.

ad creative generation is an AI solution for ad creative generation; source: Originality.AI

In particular, can come up with diverse and on-brand ad visuals, videos, texts, and headlines for social media, programmatic, and display advertising. It also invites you to draw inspiration from successful ads by other brands by browsing the ad inspiration gallery.

Finally, this AI marketing platform helps you acquire the necessary competitive intelligence and supplies you with actionable insights regarding your campaigns. You’ll see at a glance what’s working for your audience and what isn’t. It’s possible to connect your Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Google Ads accounts to to instantly sync your insights.

Pricing: The service has scalable pricing plans and a 7-day free trial. The plans start at $21 a month and come with a certain number of credits, which you can increase at an additional cost.

AI marketing tool #10. is another AI-backed social media management service for influencers, marketers, agencies, and businesses of all sizes. It combines the best traits of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite, and it’s not an exaggeration.

The platform allows you to AI-generate entire videos, images, and carousels in your unique brand language. You can then get your team on board and discuss the results with them.

This AI marketing platform has lots of templates, so you won’t have to guess what’s trending or what to post next. The platform also has a dedicated eCommerce video maker as well as a Reel maker. Some of the more unique features include an AI meme maker and an eCommerce product post generator.

social media content generation offers powerful social media content generation capabilities; source: Marketing with Robots

When it comes to publishing and analytics, Predis.Ai gives you everything you need to get ahead of your rivals, from a competitor analysis tool to an option to hire an outside expert to manage your account.

Pricing: Predis.AI allows you to create your first 30 posts for free. You can also get a live demo to explore the functionality of the platform. The basic plan has a price tag of $29 a month, billed monthly. You can also purchase add-ons for any plan.

Use SendPulse to streamline your marketing efforts

SendPulse is a comprehensive marketing and sales automation platform designed to enhance customer relationships and fuel business growth. Instead of using 10+ different tools, you can switch to SendPulse and manage your marketing campaigns, sales, and customer communications from a single tab — with the help of AI.

Upon signing up, you receive 10,000 free chatbot messages and 15,000 free monthly emails that you can send to 500 subscribers. The free plan also enables you to explore our AI-assisted website builder, CRM system, and other tools.

Grab your free account today and give our all-in-one toolkit a try!

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