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5 facts about emails everyone thinks are true

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Digital marketing is a world of numbers, where everything can be measured, checked and proved. Email marketing is also not an exclusion. What do you pay attention to after sending an email campaign? – It’s, of course, statistics. Actually, the result – these numbers of openings and clicks – is the only thing you are interested in when planning an email. Still, now we are going to ruin some of the stereotypes you have in your mind about emails, by telling you 5 simple facts everyone thinks to be true.

Fact 1. Email services are used only for commercial purposes.

Of course, most of the users of an email service are internet shops, bloggers and other kinds of businesses. But still, the first reason to start using an email service is to send more appealing emails. Even when it comes to your personal email messages. The matter is that email services give their user unique opportunities to create bright templates for their emails with pictures and different fonts, etc. Even personal emails will be taken in better than a wall-of-words.

Fact 2. Email service is the only thing to blame when your email goes to spam.

Actually, successful email delivery depends on 4 factors: content, email service, post service of the recipient, and reaction of other email recipients to the email message. The first point to think about is the content of your letter. If your letter consists of only one picture – this is a perfect way to spam. Also, look through the list of typical spam words in order not to use them in your subject lines. The next step is email service moderation. According to Antispam Policy, there are some spheres of business that are more likely to use illegal mailing lists in their email campaigns. That is why email services prefer not to work with them in order not to lose ratings and trust of post services. Because if the rating of an email service is low, all the messages sent with the help of it are more likely to get into spam. It is the reason why post services can also influence the delivery of emails.
The last point is that if many of your recipients mark your email as spam, the others will also see the message only in their spam folder. So, use the legal mailing lists and give only useful information to your email recipients.


Fact 3. People do not read long emails.

Of course, short and laconic email messages, that do not need scrolling to be read, are better. Nevertheless, researches show that to a person, who is interested in receiving information the email length does not matter at all. The thing is only in the content you send. For example, Now I Know or Brain Pickings have never had short emails. Still, thousands of recipients read them every day and every week.

Fact 4. People do not read emails on weekends.

In the modern world of technologies, when people use their smartphones as often as possible, it is not a problem to check emails on a mobile device. By the way, this is one more reason why you should adapt your email messages for mobile devices. Moreover, during weekends recipients have more time to read the useful information. So, as statistics show, percentage of openings during weekends is just a few points lower than the average weekday level.


Fact 5. Time of the day does not matter.

Many of us have read various articles saying that the best time for sending emails is up to 10 am. Still we can say that the time of sending does not matter at all. People whose work is connected with communication read and answer email messages any time of the day. Others work with a post service any time they like, any time they think they should bring an order to their inboxes. It goes without saying, that some people do not check their email every day. The next point is that when you use an email service to send thousands of emails at once the time of their delivery can be different, because of the service’s work. That is why, there is no general “best time” for sending emails. There can only be a most convenient time for your customers. But this time will have nothing common with email campaigns for other people or other businesses.

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