5 emails to hapiness

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Everyone has his own happiness, but no one knows where to look for it. It took years for people to get to know a few items about happiness. There are so many books, webinars and trainings devoted to this topic. Nevertheless, we are sure that there is an easier way to find your happiness. Your own happiness is only five emails far from you!


Start to send an email to one of your dearest people (friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.). Let it be just “thank you for your help” or “I love you” message. Soon you will see that this everyday ritual lifts up not only your own mood, but also the mood of the person you write a message to.

The next email to your happiness is your weekly email to your boss. Heads of a company always have too much work to do. They simply do not have enough time to think about what you are doing at work. But the weekly short report send by email will show him that your week was rather productive and successful. In addition, you will have another possibility to praise yourself.

Once a week you also should send an email to your mentor. Again it can be a letter to a person whom you know well enough or the one whose example you follow. Thanks to the Internet, you can find any email address you need. So, start to communicate with the one whom you respect, and who inspires you for more.


How often do you communicate with your friends? We mostly forget about them in the daily routine. And we make a huge mistake, because friendship is really something to appreciate and value. Create a new habit for yourself – start to write an email to your friends at least once a week. Send them an interesting link with an article or just a joke. Be closer to each other even when you are as busy as a bee.


New perspectives
The last step to your happiness is an email to your far-far acquaintances. Did you hear about seven contacts theory? It is considered that every person on the planet knows the other person through the seven other people. So, try not to lose this unique possibility to change your life. Write to one of those people whom you have not heard for a long time. May be they change your life more than you could simply imagine.

5 emails to hapiness

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