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4 Tips from SendPulse on How to Launch an Email Campaign for Halloween

If you are thinking about whether to create an email campaign dedicated to Halloween on not, statistics should convince you. The results of a survey among respondents aged 18 and older in the United States in 2016 on their plans regarding Halloween this year showed that 69.1 percent of respondents plan to participate in Halloween celebrations.

And here are more facts that should assure you that marketing activities are essential on All Hallows’ Eve:

  • The average amount spent on Halloween per person is $77.52.
  • Men and women both celebrate this holiday: 62.6 percent of male respondents and 65.4 percent of female respondents.
  • American consumers will spend $8.4 billion on Halloween-related items and services.

Therefore, if your company has something to offer for this holiday, take full advantage of Halloween marketing activities.

Here are 4 tips from SendPulse on how to launch an email campaign for Halloween.

Include holiday attributes in email messages

Only with mysterious castles, witches’ hats, and terrifying bats can you create a real Halloween atmosphere in your mailings.


Segment your subscribers list

Try segmenting your email list and you’ll see the effectiveness of this method. Segmentation helps to create relevant email campaigns that your subscribers enjoy. The more information you collect about your recipients, the more opportunities you have to increase the Open Rate and Click Rate of your mailings.


Mix promotional material and educational content

To add to the mood of Halloween, the creators of BuzzFeed email have included DIY projects to help subscribers carve a perfect scary pumpkin with fiery eyes.


It’s not difficult to make something in this style because there are a lot of DIY ideas for Halloween. Here are some for inspiration:

Use alternatives to horror elements

If you think that your audience will not accept frightening Halloween attributes, focus on a neutral approach.


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4 Tips from SendPulse on How to Launch an Email Campaign for Halloween

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