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4 signs that you don’t have an email strategy

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We can spend hours talking about strategies, but everyone continues to invest in “this word, this meaning”. Regarding email marketing, this word means something more than just an action plan for a specified period. At its core, email strategy is the art of creating communication and interest to achieve goals. But how do you do that?

Patrick Lencioni in his book “The Advantage” offered only six questions that marketers must answer to optimize the use of email marketing in promotion:

  1. Why does email communication exist?
  2. What does email communication do?
  3. How is it shown?
  4. How do you use it to achieve goals?
  5. What is the most important thing right now?
  6. Who has to do all this?

If you cannot answer these questions, you cannot convey the essence of email promotion to your team. What kind of strategy will help in this situation?

Rule 1: If you want to have a strategy, start with an understanding of its essence 

In order to build an email strategy you must clearly structure a subscription experience for each representative of your target audience. How long has he signed up for your newsletter? How many newsletters are there in his subscription? How many letters does he get in his mailbox every day? How does the information from his newsletters influence him considering the multi-channel communications? What is more interesting for people who like your page on Facebook, made a one-time purchase on the website, and subscribed to your newsletter six months ago? And how are their interests different from other segments of the target audience (who are not subscribed, who never ordered something, etc.)?

2015-07-30-1438264791-4995774-targetaudienceRule 2: Establish a single system and the idea of an email strategy and convey it to all responsible persons

You haven’t got a strategy if many employees are responsible for the newsletter, but each of them doesn’t know what the others do. Email strategy is a single system. Of course, it’s hard to implement full email marketing work solo. However, if the team has different working methods and a different format for data presentation, and is completely unaware of the progress of the participants on the team, it may negatively affect the final result. Are you sure that your subscribers will not ban your newsletters to the spam folder? A bad reputation of the sender IP addresses can lead to total blockage of your newsletters.

Rule 3: Consider the involvement, not an open rate or click-through rate

If you pay attention only to the indexes of one newsletter mailing and cannot determine the result of long-term communications, you do not have a strategy. The value of your newsletters is not in increasing sales but in the benefits to your subscribers. The involvement of subscribers can only be determined by metrics over long periods. Calculate the percentage of your active readers and those who are interested in your offers (making referrals, shopping, etc.) and you will get a real segment of those who you have to work with. But other subscribers have to receive your newsletters too.

Rule 4: Uniform style throughout

Finally, if your information looks different in different newsletters (different slogans, positioning, goals, etc.) then the strategy does not exist. Actually, this item is relevant to rules 1 and 2. If you don’t understand the communication channel and the target audience, then the message of the company’s values will not be conveyed. Think about your subscribers and be predictable. Send them just what they expect from you.

Our rules are the foundation of how to act if you notice the lack of a strategy. It’s not so difficult to create a clear and thoughtful email strategy. As was said in the book “The Art of War”, “tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. Do we want defeat? Of course not.

4 signs that you don’t have an email strategy
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