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Suite of Email Marketing Tools

Collect users’ contact information, create responsive templates, and set up automated flows

Drag & Drop Editor Image 1 Drag & Drop Editor Image 2 Drag & Drop Editor Image 3

Drag & Drop Editor

Create responsive emails without any HTML knowledge in no time

Adaptive Emails

Adaptive Emails

Emails created in the editor will look good regardless of a user’s device or screen resolution

130+ Free Templates

130+ Free Templates

Choose from a wide variety of email templates. Find one for any event or promotion, or design your own stunning template in less than 10 minutes.

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Trigger Emails

Trigger Emails

Nurture leads in every stage of your sales funnel, and convert them into paying customers

Automate Complex Flows

Automate Complex Flows

With Automation 360, you can set up trigger flows using emails, web push notifications, and SMS. Send messages based on your customers’ behavior.

Event-Triggered Emails

Event-Triggered Emails

Remind customers about their abandoned cart, invite them to upcoming webinars, or ask them about their experience with your product.

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Subscription Form to Grow Your Mailing List Image 3

Subscription Form to Grow Your Mailing List

Place a subscription form on your website to collect email addresses and other information from your visitors. Use our form builder to create a pop-up, embedded, or floating subscription form. Customize the fields, upload an image, and add a button to your form.

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Messenger Marketing for Your Business

Create chatbots, develop auto-reply flows, and deliver personal and promotional campaigns via messengers

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Send auto-replies, news, and personalized offers to Facebook Messenger.

Telegram Chatbot

Telegram Chatbot

Inform, consult, and sell your products or services through Telegram.

Viber messages

Viber messages

Register a sender name and send campaigns to Viber. Your message can be six times greater than a standard SMS.

More Channels to Deliver Your Messages at the Right Time

Web Push Notifications Image 1 Web Push Notifications Image 2

Web Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your subscribers on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. If your database has fewer than 10,000 subscribers, you can send web push notifications for free. Get more clicks using our features like personalization, segmentation, and automated notifications from RSS feeds.

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SMS Campaigns Image 1 SMS Campaigns Image 2

SMS Campaigns

Reach your customers worldwide by sending text messages to over 1,000 mobile operators in more than 200 countries. Make your SMS campaigns part of automated flows in addition to automated emails and web push notifications with Automation 360.

Send SMS

More Features to Grow Your Business

Integrate SendPulse Features with Your Project

Automate data transfer, and send campaigns directly from your project. Check out the list of CRM, CMS, and eCommerce systems you can integrate with SendPulse.

More than 40 integrations API documentation


It is a set of tools that improve relationships with a massive audience. SendPulse is a marketing automation platform that offers triggered emails, chatbots, scheduled SMS, and web push notifications. Dive deeper into what marketing automation is.

Automated marketing makes your living easier since some of the crucial processes like purchasing, running giveaways, onboarding, and more can be once set up and run on their own. 

Define the goals that marketing automation will help you achieve. Choose marketing channels respectively, mastering one channel after another. Here is the list of features SendPulse provides for your marketing automation.

The price depends on what tools you use, how many clients you have, and what features you need. Check out our pricing plans to find out what suits your needs.

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